Anti Scrap Metal Theft Program For Lancashire   
Recycle Lancashire now operate a scrap metal theft awareness program in
which we try to make people aware of the rapidly rising problems assosiated with the
theft of this waste 

This service involves carrying out patrols in problem areas and the constant monitoring
of reported scrap theft
Most recorded scrap metal thefts have lead to other associated theft's, for example a
scrap metal thief may enter your property to remove a cooker and end up leaving with a
nice new bicycle at your expense
You can prevent such incidents by not leaving waste metals on show or by getting your
waste removed quickly and easily using a licensed waste disposal firm
If you require any further information or wish to Report A Scrap Metal Theft  please do not
hesitate to  Contact Us

We are more than happy to help
Due to the high level of  Scrap Metal Theft  at present we ask you not to leave your waste in public view
If you  Contact Us  we will lift, carry & remove your waste from anywhere upon your property
Our service is a non profit, private organization and is funded by the recycling of the waste we collect 
This allows us to offer the service's we provide for free & the theft of this waste is preventing us from delivering the best possible service to you  
In 2010 43% of waste removals attended by us had already been stolen before our arrival