How To Identify Recycle Lancashire
     Recycle Lancashire can be identified quickly & easily in a variety of ways

     You can identify us by looking for the Recycle Lancashire logo / rose which we
     apply to all staff uniforms, vehicles and stationary

     All of our staff will also carry photographic identification which can
     be shown to you upon request

     This creates a professional image and makes Recycle Lancashire easiy visible
     when attending your property in turn creating a safer, happier working environment
  Staff & Uniforms
  All staff uniforms contain the Recycle Lancashire emblem / rose & all of our staff will display full photographic identification upon request
Collection Vehicles
All Waste Collection Vehicles contain the Recycle Lancashire emblem / rose 
& contain hazard warning beacons for high visibility & safety  
All stationary & paperwork sent or given to you by us will contain the Recycle Lancashire 
emblem / rose if authentic