I teach and write on the literature and culture of the early modern period. As a member of an interdisciplinary humanities department that examines the foundations of Western thought from the fall of the Roman empire to the present day, I have the opportunity to teach courses in medieval literature, the Renaissance and Reformation, and 17th- and 18th-century literature. My interests in travel, cartography and space strongly shape both my introductory and upper division Humanistic Studies courses, whether through the lens of medieval mappaemundi or contemporary diasporic literature. An enthusiast for all things 'tech,' I bring aspects of the digital humanities to my classroom and to my scholarly work. When I'm not reading blogs or working, I enjoy hiking the trails along the Lake Michigan shoreline, running, or converting future salsa dancers.

In the Press

  • News article announcing the Christian Culture Lecturer for 2014, Reza Aslan (August 2014)
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  • Press release for winning the Maria Pieta teaching award at Saint Mary's College (May 2013)
  • News article on participation in Lean In panel at Saint Mary's College (October 2013)
  • Featured in Saint Mary's College Courier, cover image and article, "Why Good Teachers Need to Do Good Research"
  • Featured in photos leading a discussion of Mary Gordon's Circling My Mother during Reunion Weekend 2012
  • Featured in Student Profile Video, opening (0-:20) and closing shots (3:45-3:50) from a class discussion of John Milton's Paradise Lost