Designs in Wood 



Bookends, Bookmarks & Boxes

The bookends are made from domestic and imported hardwoods. The inlay strips are pre-made from various types of woods. The mounted disks are discarded, non-functional computer drives. The covers of the disk drives are removed to display the metallic disks and other inner workings. The disks and wood can be cleaned with a soft cloth being careful to not bend the small parts of the disk drive access arm.


Bookmarks are made from a variety of domestic and imported hardwoods. Some bookmarks are decorated with inlay strips and some are made from layering woods and cutting slices to create a pattern that carries through the bookmark. The bookmarks will benefit from handling, developing a soft patina from the oils of your hands. 

Some boxes are decorated with marquetry designs created by cutting out both the hole and inlay at the same time to create a design that fits into the background piece.



This box is made of spalted birch wood from a tree that fell down in my yard



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Louis Webb