The software that makes all this happen is provided, free, by a company called Yahoo.

To fully utilize the LWCA Post it is un-necessary to become a registered member of Yahoo -- however --
You can lighten the work load on our volunteers if you manage your own delivery options for this group.

There is no charge for obtaining a Yahoo User id and it provides you with several benefits as follows:

1) Yahoo provides you with a free mail box address like:
You do not have to use this, but it can come in handy when you are ask for an email address and you do not want junk mail arriving in your regular Mail Box.

2) Having a Yahoo ID allows you to administer your own delivery options for LWCA Post

3) You can decide not to have the Group messages delivered at all, and, using your userid, you may read all the messages distributed by our group, on line at:

4) Yahoo provides many other services such as current news, games, personalized news, calendars, and instant messaging. All these additional services require a Yahoo userid.

If you are interested, download (and print) Ginny's pdf instructions file which will enable you to confidently create your own Yahoo Userid.