There are membership options that may make the group more useful to you. We have outlined several below:

Number of subscriptions:

We allow more than one subscription per manor, several people have both Mom and Pop computers in their home, others have both Mom and Pop Email addresses. We have heard of situations when all the Group's Email comes into Pop's mail and that IMPORTANT STUFF gets deleted before Mom has a chance to read it <grin>.

We therefore allow both Mom and Pop to receive all mail at their address and manage their own delete button.

Additionally, many residents have different summer Email addresses. Rather than unsubscribe one address and join using another, we encourage Group subscriptions from both addresses. It is a simple administrative matter to stop delivery at the LW address when you leave town and to start delivery at the summer (traveling) subscription while away from home. Simply send your request (including dates when possible) to

Delivery Options:

There are three forms of message delivery possible:

1) Individual emails -- This will send every posted message to your In-box as an individual item. This is the most attractive if you expect to catch a "deal" when offered on the Post. Other delivery options will have a built in delay -- which means someone else will already have caught the "deal".

2) Daily Digest -- As this implies the messages are accumulated into groups of 20 or so messages and sent to your mailbox as a single Email.

3) No Delivery -- We use this to stop the mail from being distributed to your Email address when you are away. It is also useful if you have a Yahoo User ID and Password as you can read the Post messages on line at: