No Cost -- but -- You must be a LW Resident (or former resident) and have a computer (or access to one):
1)  Send an email from the email account you will use for lwcapost
     to the following email address:
     The title and contents of the email are ignored.
2)  Yahoo Groups will send you a return email (typically within a minute)
      this email is titled Please confirm your request to join lwcapost
      Click on the Web link within option 1) shown.
3)   In the Comment to Owner tell us why you want to join,
      Your First and Last Name, Your Manor number, and if you 
      prefer Individual Posts (lots of emails) or Digests (that combine
      5-10 emails before sending).
      Depress the Send Request button
      The information in this step is required to approve you for lwcapost.
Thats it! 
Our friendly volunteer moderator will approve and enable you
next time they review the LWCApost group!