This requires an Email address and you must be a LW Resident.
Second -- you will (automatically) receive every message that any other member sends to the group.  These messages will be placed in your Email In-box and can be (selectively) read if you find the Subject line of interest.

When you no longer wish to keep the message you delete it from your Email In-box.
Because there are from 20 to 100 messages per day, it becomes important to check your Email every day.  If your Email provider discoverers that you have an In-box full of unread mail they will reject (all) further messages!
Third -- If you wish to ask a question or provide some information to the group, you simply address your message (as a standard Email) to
We ask that you read the Content Rules and be sure your message falls within the guidelines, before you send it, because there is no way we can "get it back" once distributed to 2700 subscribers.