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The Tasks of Ownership

The way Ginny Rockenhauser and I have split the workload follows:

Maintaining records- Ginny
1) Processing requests for subscriptions
2) Maintaining vacation holds
3) Maintaining an independent Database of member names, manors, and telephone number
4) Working around Yahoo Groups provider issues
5) Trouble shooting subscribers problems
6) Database of recommendations

Managing Message flow  - Phil 
1) Handling messages from subscribers on Moderation
2) Replying privately explaining rule violation when a message must be blocked from distribution
3) Reviewing the entire message flow
4) Trouble shooting subscribers problems
5) Using Ginny's database of collected recommendations Monthly refresh data under services query tool
6) Building tools to help Residents such as the manor finder.

Workload varies by time of year, being heaviest during the months of Oct to March

Below is our best estimate of hours per month for each task:

 Task High Season   
 G1 Processing Subscriptions 40 20
 G2 Vacation holds 10 5
 G3 Data Base of recommendations 20 10
 G4 Handling Yahoo Groups issues 21
 G5 Working Subscribers Problems 6 3
 G6 Database of recommendations 30 15
 Totals 108 54
  P1 Moderation 24 12
  P2 Rejection private explanation 120 60
  P3 Review entire mesage flow 8 4
  P4 Working Subscribers Problems 12 6
  P5 Monthly refresh of services tool 10 10
  P6 Building tools like manor finder2 2
 Totals 176 94

Using the National Standard of 2087 hours in a 40 hour by 52 day work year
 , the cost in volunteer workload is 1.25 full time volunteer effort