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Why are photos (graphics) not allowed in messages?
    When the group was started many subscribers were on dial-up internet.
    As time progressed Snow birds wanted access from campgrounds, and on the road.
    Now we continue this restriction because our high resolution phones create large files,
    and when we use the cellphone to read your mail the carrier data charges can surprise you.
    Instead use cloud stored images and in you message provide the link address. This provies readers choice.

Why must all posts include full name and manor number?
     It is our only defense against a hijacked email account of one of our subscribers infecting 2900 other subscribers.

What is a hijacked email account?
     We are sloppy with our email address and once a bad  person has your address, finding your is not difficult.
     Given these two items anyone can sign in as if they were you!!!!
     The highjacker now has the ability to send any message they want as if it came from you.
     By reading a bit of your past messages they discover relatives names and their email address.
     If they really get nasty they can even change your email account password thus locking you from access!

What can I do if my email gets hijacked? 
     Immediately change your email password.
     Then make it a practice to change it every year to a long password which you use for no other purpose.

More to come ----- send pjohnson2370@gmail.com your questions.