Mr Don Rhea formed this group on Sept 4th 1998. It originally consisted of 6-8 members who all were golfing friends of Don.

The usefulness of the instant communication potential became obvious and the group began to grow -- and the workload to maintain it began to interfere with golfing. Like the brilliant manager he is, Don began to delegate. One of his first recruits was Jo Shawger who worked aggressively to help the group grow. In January 1999, Don asked the Computer Club Club to take over the operation of the then 100 subscribers, and to supply volunteers to assist with the Group administration and the record keeping. Because Yahoo demands a responsible, individual owner contact, ownership transfered from Don Rhea to Jo Shawger in mid 2001. Jo Shawger continued to lead this group of Computer Club volunteers up to her departure from LW to the Kansas City area. Ginny Rockenhauser had been working with the group, and took over Jo's duties, and ownership of the group in Jan of 2003. She continues to be very very active in the LWCA Post operations.

The group reached 1000 subscribers on 5/10/2003. In early 2006, due to conflicts over the LWCA Post message content rules, the Computer Club Board of directors voted to totally separate itself from the LWCA Post and return it to private operation. On Feb 17, 2006 the group ownership was transfered to Phil Johnson who is currently operating the group with the assistance of volunteers.

In late 2006 LW Recreation began to utilize the Post as a resident communication channel. The LW Administrative function then joined them and we enjoyed a single electronic communication tool that reaches into every computer equipped Manor in our community.
In early 2011 our Community established a LW Community Web Site (CWS) and discontinued use of the LWCA Post.  The CWS now serves only official information, and the LWCA Post continues to be used for Resident communications.

During the last 6 years the group has enjoyed continued growth and celebrates it's 16th birthday with 2300 subscribers.

The LWCA Post distributed an average of 25 messages each day for the last year to it's subscribers.

Feb 10th 2008 (as a LW Insiders Forum birthday present) LW Online Web Site joined the effort to make available to non-members the information necessary to continue our growth. We look forward to the day when 100% of LW can depend upon these tools for "LW Information at your fingertips".

Here are the domain addresses of our Web Sites: -- The Portal to All about LW on the Web

This address will provide links to all LW Communication Channels. (you only need remember!)

On Jan 7, 2016 A sister to LWCAPost was introduced.  LWIdeas is a Email group for LW Owners to converse about the future of our Community.  This group will NOT carry the information stream currently provided by the LWCAPost group.  The Post  group is now over 2500 subscribers and will experience no change.  Read about this new communication service at LWIDEAS.COM and join in the dialog if you have an interest in the future of our community. 

And a magic day - Jan 13/2017 - the Post subscriber base reached 2655 or the number of manors in LW.  Please understand not every manor receives the Post because both Maw and Paw, have their own subscription in some households.  So -- continue to tell your friends and neighbors to join us in this very useful service for all LW residents.