Rules control the allowable message content distributed to the group:

(1) No jokes--not even about computers.
(2) No religion or politics
(3) No Speeches or Opinion Polls
(4) No commercial selling. (Manors for sale must include "for sale by owner")
(5) No bickering or personal attacks, or flaming.
(6) No copied or pasted material; all messages must be original content.
(7) Do not send graphics or attachments.
(8) No forwarding third-party messages of any kind.
(9) Please, do NOT send holiday greetings through the Post.

Recommended Use:
(1) Resident items for Sale.
(2) Resident recommendations. (theater, restaurant, service, and/or movie recommendations)
(3) Resident help needed.
(4) Resident Service Offerings. (limit one per month)
(5) Meeting/Event Announcements and /or minutes.
(6) Computer Tips and favorite software.
(7) Links to interesting websites.
(8) Community Announcements

We are all adults. Continued violations of these guidelines can result in your removal from the group.

Always remember to provide a meaningful Subject Line and SIGN Your Posts with your full name and Manor number.

These rules are expected to be followed by each of our subscribers.
When someone fails (in anger, insensitivity, or forgetfulness) we place their future posts messages on moderate. This means that an independent person (a volunteer) will check their future messages for rule compliance BEFORE the message is distributed to the group.

In general we have found all our subscribers to be very cooperative in following these rules. We recommend that you print them and keep them handy. Then, always check your own messages to the group BEFORE pressing that send button.