Wei Liu
Address: Robotics Institute
                   Carnegie Mellon University
                   Pittsburgh, PA 15213
              (Google Map)
Tel: (+1)412-425-2340
I am now a research assistant at Human Sensing Lab in Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, co-supervised by Prof. Fernando De la Torr, and Prof. Alex Hauptmann. I am interested in Image and Video Understanding, Machine Learning, especially in applying effective machine learning method to solve the high-level vision problem, such as Object Categorization, Scene Understanding, Video Retrieval. Besides, I am also fascinated by the power of human brain. How does our brain make us as the human? My lifeloooooooooong goal is to model the brain to achieve the "real" intelligence to help us understand our own brain better.

Last updated by Aug. 7th, 2010