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A list of accomplishments by LW Ideas:  NOTE: To see polling results:
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  • Manor Location issue  -- 49 messages 
  1. A new, easy to remember, domain name for our Web Based Manor Map -- LWMAPS.COM
  2. Modification of the gate maps to assist visitors with cell phones (Click to see new gate map)
    Thanks to volunteers salvaging already printed gate maps by adding Labels to over 1000 maps
     Patty Kohoutek Mary Schenten Bob Froelich
     Bob Bennett Les Black Gary Heise
     Tony Roland Nancy Foster Martha Johnson

  3. Notification of all residents of the ability to use mobile devices to locate manors
  4. Verified that curb painting of manor numbers is allowed without Architecture Control Permit.
  5. Opinion survey regarding manor numbering of 300 LW owners - results:
    Do not allow curb painted manor numbers - 102
    Allow individual choice - 54
    Require all manors to provide curb numbers - 15
    Need to know more - 6
  6. Discovery of Amazon sources for solar powered (lighted) yard manor number signs:

    The Black Series Solar-powered Lighted Address Stake - $25.77 example 1411

    SOLAR POWER NUMBERS HOUSE ADDRESS  - $17.98  example 1460
    GAMA SOLAR GS 80 Green - $44.00  example 909
    NOTE: Use caution -- some of these solar powered lights are un-readable at night!

  • Tracking written comments to the Board
  1. Extended dialog on group resulted in following question:
    Establish a formal process where residents can submit detailed written issues, suggestions, and initiatives for consideration including a request for written decisions by the Leisure World Board and/or Administration. Status, discussion and resolution of the issues on the list would be included in formal board and district meetings.
    All existing verbal communication channels regarding issues would remain in place as is.
  2. Opinion Survey results: (Poll closed Monday 2/29)
    131  -- Yes
    7     -- No
    18    -- Blank Ballot & Abstain

  • Front Gate Attraction repairs and alternate use.
  1. Extended dialog regarding removal of parts of the entry attraction rather than repair.
  2. Opinion Poll about LW Front entrance. Closed poll March 7th -- Click here for the LWIdeas summary.
  3. Poll modified and offered to all 2540 LWCA Post Subscribers. -- Click here for the LWCA Post summary.

  • LW Cafe
  1. Extended discussion of residents ideas an improved outcome for the LW Cafe operator.
  2. Opinion Poll closed March 23rd -- Click here to see results
  • Recycling Paper/cardboard
  1. Extended discussion of the refusal of recyclers to follow collection bin restrictions.
  2. Opinion Poll closed April18th -- Click here to see the result 
  3. Installation of security cameras at the dumpsters 
  • Is LW Family friendly
  • Encourage expanded use of the Community Web Site
  1. Creation of a master Web index for the over 30 Web Sites in support of LW (lwaz.com)
  2. Ginny Rockenhauser presented 9 classroom sessions about navigatiom of CWS
  3. Recruitment of a 6 person Help desk in support of CWS
  4. District presentations regarding use of the CWS Help Desk
  5. Help desk has responded to over 140 requests for help with CWS
  • Poll regarding gate pass experiment
  1. Provided on line sample of the new gate pass
  2. Dialog regarding pro's and cons
  3. Poll of group members regarding pass reactions