Welcome to LW Ideas  Started Jan 6th 2016  As of November 1, 2018  this mail group has been terminated.

An alternative is being provided by =======
LWAZU requires a google mail account (gmail).


Google Groups require that you register your e-address. It does *not* require a gmail address.

I run another private group there (not affiliated with LW) and I have many non-gmail subscribers.


and depends on you to join or leave the group and change your subscription options. 


(like you can turn on and off receipt of emails -- like a vacation hold, for example)



Posted by: Bruce Korb <bruce.korb@gmail.com>

Please give this replacement mailing service a fair trial

On behalf of our entire team (now retired and really tired) )I want to thank you for your interest in "our" Leisure World and it's future.