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Shihouken Karate:

We teach a Karate based on the Oyama and Kyokushin Karate traditions.  As such it has its roots in Shotokan, Goju-ryu and Kempo styles of karate, as well as influenced by  Muay Thai, Boxing and Judo/Aikido. Shihou-ken Karate was founded by Grand Shihan Sylvester Hollingsworth, a top student of Soshu Shigeru Oyama, who himself was a top student of Mas Oyama the founder of Kyokushin-Kia Karate.

Shihouken Karate of the Lehigh Valley

Anyone* who has considered karate training is welcome to try a free class, regardless of their fitness level or Martial Arts background. The instructors of Shihou-ken Karate are adept at matching the class curriculum to the abilities of each and every student. Class is an excellent full-body workout which develops the “core,” is highly aerobic, and is a “mind and body” discipline.
      *May not be suited to children under 9 years of age.
         Contact Sensei Charlie for more information on children policy.

Circa 1980's picture including Mas Oyama, Shigeru Oyama, and many other notable Sensei's.

As a beginner
you will learn the basics of striking, blocking and kicking as well as how to apply these basics in a self defense situations. Progressing from there, a student will learn Kata, which are choreographed sequence of techniques. We teach both Formalized Kata and Fighting style Kata and their application. Free fighting or sparring is the ultimate expression of karate and is conducted under controlled conditions, based on a students ability and fitness level.

Sensei Charlie started his karate training in 1972 under the severe and demanding instruction of Soshu Shigeru Oyama. He received his Shodan/Black Belt certificate in 1976, under the guidance of Soshu Shigeru Oyama and Shihan LaMatina ( Toshindo Karate ). When

Soshu Shigeru Oyama moved his school out of Westchester County, New York, Sensei Makemson continued studying under Grand Shihan Hollingsworth. While away at college, Sensei Makemson taught self defense classes as well as karate class in Springfield MA and Albany NY. In Springfield MA, Sensei Makemson coached a intramural collegiate karate team with the distinct honor of being the only team to win all matches against all teams in a single day mulit-team tournament. Over the  decades Sensei Makemson has supplemented his karate training with  Judo, Aikido and Tai-chi. Currently teaching in the Lehigh Valley, PA. 


Class Schedule

Wednesday  6:30 pm

Kinokawa Aikido

1736 W Allen St

Allentown PA 1810

Tuesday and Thursday - 6:45 pm

The Fitness Plaza

1124 Glenlivet Drive

Fogelsville PA 18105

Gym Membership NOT required.

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