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I was born in New Delhi, India and continue to live in New Delhi/Gurgaon. Apart from Delhi I have lived for long periods in Livingstone, Zambia, Mandya, Karnataka, and St Louis, MO, USA.

Delhi is a beautiful city with lots of fly overs!, lots of heritage sites, nice shopping places, good eating places......

Delhi has extreme weather. But you learn to love it. The thick morning fog in winter, the "aandhis" (hot dusty winds from Thar desert) in summer, the heavy moonsoon rains after the hot summers - an incomparable combination.

Gurgaon is a suburb of Delhi. It is the city of BPO offices and shopping malls. It is one of the newest and fastest growing cities in India. The pace of growth has been scorching. There is new construction everywhere, new buildings get ready every week. But is all this development sustainable in the long run? In ten years time the population of Gurgaon may be two times what it is today. Have the city planners taken care of the infrastructure needs?

Delhiites (including those in Gurgaon) are eagerly looking forward to:


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