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Group Guidelines

We seek to create a safe environment for individuals to create community.  In this community,  we seek to respect and support one another in a journey toward wellness and living the fullest life possible.
Web & Message Board Guidelines:
  • This website is intended to serve as a point of resource and community gathering.  Our members approach the site with best intentions of building a positive interactive community where information is exchanged for the benefit of all.
  • Message board users understand that they must register in order to use the message board--i.e., participate in threads of conversation.  Implicit in their use of the board is the understanding that what they post there is viewable by the general public. 
Support Group Guidelines:
The Lehigh Valley RSD/CRPS Support Group meets on a regular basis at Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown, PA.  Check "Announcements" and "Upcoming Events" for meeting and special event information.  When the group meets, it is with an expectation that certain standards will be maintained by goup members
  • Everything seen here and said at a support group meeting, stays there.   Confidentiality is a core value for this group.   
  • During group meetings, everyone has the right to speak--or not speak--during the time alloted for group interaction.
  • When we speak with one another, we use respectful terms.  We realize that we may not all have the same opinions, because every person is different and their RSD/CRPS or PTFM may be a little different. Therefore, We also refrain from "Dr. Bashing" in the group since some people may see that doctor or want to see that doctor. They might have a different experience then someone else with that particular doctor or staff, whether it be positive or not.
  • In this group we use "I-statements," reflecting what was helpful for ourselves rather than "should statements" (e.g., "I found it helpful to work with a physical therapist who used the Graston technique"  as opposed to "You should--you've got to--use the Graston technique to help yourself!")
  • As a group, we seek to honor confidentiality.  As a matter of practice, we request that group participants do not ask anyone for his/her telephone number.  You may, though, share your number with someone if you wish.  Soon, as people get to know each other, then they will feel comfortable sharing numbers back. This is to protect new members from feeling like they must give out numbers before they are ready to do such.  (Such a guideline allows participants to guard information as tightly or loosely as they desire.  Those who wish to share, may share immediately; and those who do not desire to share, need not feel pressured by those who simply feel more social.) 
  • If a board member requests a phone number or numbers and addresses it is to conduct business for the group, that information is treated as confidential. Please do not call any board member on their private phone line unless they personally give you their numbers. Please do not abuse the privilege of them allowing you to call them by keeping the phone call to a reasonable length of time. And do not call unless you have asked them if you may call them again. There is an email  to leave messages and there will be the phone line up and working again in the future. If the SHH line does not work because no one gets back to you within two weeks max, then use the email and let us know that the phone line is down. We might be getting an off site number if this one becomes problematic in message retrieval from the mail box..
Our hope for group members is that they leave feeling better than when they entered a meeting.