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Board of Directors

President--Dr. Patti O' Donnell, M. Ed., Ed.D
Vice President:
Media Director--George Morgan/Kathy Morgan
Secretary/Treasurer--Sandy Mangini

Member-At-Large/Sgt.-at-Arms--George Morgan and Norm Edgerly

Marilyn Ackerman

Sunshine committee:

Judy and Kathy


Our Team, Your Team:
Our group is a team effort. There are many people who support this group in small and large ways.

We have members who help set up and help with take down. We have members that help serve on the Fundraiser Committees.  Also, there are individuals who serve on the "Funnies Committee" -- literally.  They are members like George and Kathy, who keep us laughing and more.  Some people tend to coordinate carpools.  It takes all kinds of people to keep the machinery of our group running efficiently and joyfully. 

Ultimately, it is our goal to find a way for all members to integrate into the group.  We would love to have as many people involved--in any small way or large way--as you feel you are able (or as your family/caregivers/friends feel they are able).  
Over time, we hope that this group will develop a foundation of support that permits it to increasingly serve the community-at-large, not just those with RSD/CRPS.  Our teamwork will have us out there building our garden of hope and possibilities for all who come in contact with our members.