Past Events

A Look Back at some previous Events: 
    Ted Walkenhorst, Esq shared his experience and knowledge with us on Social Security and SSI Disability.  We had plenty of questions for him and he provided many excellent guidelines.  If you've applied for Social Security or SSI Disability and were denied,  contact Ted Walkenhorst, Esq of DBLC, Disability Benefits Law Center.  Visit their website at   We appreciated his time and advice.  
    We had an informative and amusing presentation by Mrs. Jane Knobler.  She not only added smiles but gave an informative presentation on the "Impact of  Social and Emotional Dynamics of Persons living with Chronic Illness; Coping Mechanisms to Improve Daily Life."   Mrs. Knobler spoke on the impact of chronic illness relating to Spouses, to Children, to Parents, to Friends, and even to Pets. 
     Mrs. Knobler explained what a person's "Personal Goals" should be; their involvment/participation in their own medical care.  Then she added "Family Goals".
     A message that Mrs. Knobler ended with was "Keep Your Spirits Up & Your Hopes High- Believe in yourself!"   Keep your attitude positive!
Mrs. Knobler, thank you for spending your afternoon with us (and for bringing your family!!).  Again, everyone in attendance found this presentation informative.  You have shown your kindness and caring nature through your presentation.   A presentation worth sharing again.  We hope to have Mrs. Knobler back to share with us again.

     Dr. Stephen Demko,OD., gave a great presentation!  He gave a review of RSD/CRPS and common knowledge treatments.  Dr. Demko then added his past experience and knowledge of applying a good proper diet.
     An interesting point Dr. Demko made was that most all diseases are based on "inflamation".  Multiple times he stated, "Reduce the inflamation, reduce the disease".  Did you know that certain foods can either contribute to inflamation or help reduce it?  Dr. Demko spent time explaining the different foods. 
     Dr. Demko also spoke on how nerves affect eyesight and also included inflamation.  "Reduce the inflamation, and reduce the disease!"
Dr. Demko's office and contact information has been added to our "Medical Professionals" page.   Dr. Demko is willing to return and speak with our Support Group again, and we would like to invite him back. 
Thank you, Dr. Demko,  for your time and expertise that you were willing to share with us!   We all found your information very interesting and worth following up with!
Achilles Walk for Hope and Possibilities
June 30th, 2013
  It was hot, humid, muggy---AND A LOT OF FUN!  Patti, Raven, Ashley, Sandy, and Norm went to Central Park, New York City to walk in RSDSA's Achilles Walk for Hope and Possibilities.  This year was the largest and most successful walk ever!  According to RSDSA 
, there were 450 registered walkers (133 virtual walkers)- twice as many as before.  $120,000 has been raised so! Anyone can still donate- interested go to   We definitely had an adventure.  Special Thanks to Norm for all his driving and navigating (especially after I got us lost!--Sandy)  We all felt good when we crossed that finish line.  Thank you to those that kept us in thoughts and prayers.  We met some really nice people and everyone was so encouraging.
And a special THANK YOU to all those who donated and help us meet our donating goals!



Dr. Knobler did it again!

June 1st was our Mini-Conference and we were excited with how many visitors that showed up to hear Dr. Knobler.  
Thank you for coming!
Once again, Dr. Knobler gave a wonderful presentation on Neuropathic pain.  With his slide presentation he was able to visibly explain CRPS.

Dr. Knobler began by explaining what CRPS is and showing some symptoms / features / characteristics.

He also pointed out the importance of patients wearing a Medical ID.  If you have any questions in reference to Medical IDs, please email us.

He explained why RSD/CRPS has been misdiagnosed all these years.  He explained how doctors determine the diagnosis of RSD/CRPS and what they look for.

He emphasized the problems of under-treatments of RSD/CRPS, and how this disorder can progress if left untreated.  And emphasized the importance of movement!!

Some of the tools used to help diagnose RSD/CRPS are a bone scan, tests of exclusion, X-rays, Thermography, and most importantly--the experience of the Physician.

Dr. Knobler explained the importance of movement of the affected limb(s).  He also explained Nerve Blocks, implanted Stimulators, implanted medication pumps, and the different types of medications.  He also explained some of the mental side affects: depression, sleep disorders, bladder issues, etc.

Is there hope?   By understanding, research, and years of experience, Dr. Knobler does offer hope!  And he graciously shared his knowledge and hope with us.   

Dr. Knobler has helped many patients over the years.  His dedications are well recognized by those who know him-- both his patients and other doctors.  

RSD/CRPS is not something that can be simply fixed by a single doctor's appointment.  It takes dedication-- not just the doctor's dedication, but by your dedication too.  It is a cooperation of doctor and patient.  And Dr. Knobler has dedicated himself.  Have you??

Mrs. Knobler, we THANK YOU for all your support!