Stories of Hope

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Stories of Hope
    We all have a story of our daily journey with chronic pain.  Some days our story has a "happy" ending, and some days maybe a "not-so-happy" ending.   Some days we don't know how the days are going to end, for the days have been nothing but a roller coaster ride!

     Joining "my" Support Group was definitely the best thing I could have done after my diagnosis of RSD in 2011.    I have seen and heard their "Stories of Hope"  and I can honestly say each one has been an encouragement for me.   Just when I think I'm at my breaking point, that I can't handle anything else,  I always remember "what's-her-name" and how bad her situation was and how she survived.  Or I might remember "what's his name", and what happened with his family and their struggles through those rough times and how they worked through it.   If they can, then I can.

    I've also seen those that still hurt with family issues, loss of jobs, the daily struggles with finances, the constant battles with medical insurances, etc....  I know then that I can count my blessings, even through the pain.  

    I didn't think I'd need to be in a Support Group for very long-- just long enough to get the information to help myself then leave.  But "my" Support Group has been more than just an informational depot.  With their guidance and recommendations, I can honestly say that I'm up and walking today because of them.  I've seen friendships grow by members actively helping each other.  Sometimes we even become FAMILY.   So it doesn't matter which Support Group you are part of, as long as you become a PART of the Group.  Your "Story of Hope" can be an encouragement to another, and you'll be surprised with the encouragement you'll receive.

    So if you have a "Story of Hope" to share, whether you are from "my" Support Group or "your" Support Group, please email to   I have heard from many who have read Patti's story below.  We can all be encouragement for those who might need it.

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