General Information

Ongoing Opportunities to Break Through the Pain:  It's Up to You!
    Illness and disability can sometimes isolate us from others.  But this does not have to be the case.  A support group offers you the opportunity to meet others who "get where you're coming from."  Use this support group to break through your sense of isolation.  Attend monthly meetings.  Make attempts to stay in touch between meetings as you get to know people.  Be the one who inspires others to meet outside the group for some fun or some relaxation.      
    Look forward to annual events like the Christmas party, but don't hesitate to send out the call to others to join you for activities--even daily ones like a slow walk in the park, a new therapeutic exercise class, or a cup of coffee (or two) on a park bench.  You are the core--the heart--of this support group.  You will make the support group work for you or not.  Use our message board to connect.  Don't be aftraid to make new friends and try new activities.  (Just remember to pace yourself!) Widen your community, and feel how wonderful that expansion can be!

Food, Fun, & Bonding
  We intend to create a time of celebration and bonding at our meetings.  We heartily encourage you to surprise the group with your favorite fall spring goodies.  We are a food-loving, comfort-seeking crowd.  We love varied treats and beverages. . . a hallmark of this crowd.
As you join us, we encourage you to share your "survival tips" with the group.  If you have magazine or journal articles that have helped you, feel free to bring them.  Have a helpful book?  Bring it.  If you have physical items to show & tell, please bring them along too! We do have journal articles about the latest research and treatment for RSC/CRPS and FM for you to take home at each and every meeting as well.