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Do you ever feel like you're just "Hanging in There"??

Or is life a "Balancing Act"?

We've all experienced both of those, even on good days.  But how do you "Hang in there" or "Balance" life when you are in a lot of pain?  Is there a simple answer?  Oh, wouldn't it be great to find out that there is a tea you can drink that will fix it all?  

If you've found that tea, let us know!  

Seriously, pain can throw your life off-balance.  You are trying to find doctors that can take your pain away, and still keep up with the laundry.  You've been told that you have to go to therapy, and yet you still have to work all day.  This can just go on and on.

So what do you do?  Who can you turn to?  Does anyone understand?

I'll admit that I've had those balancing days, days that I've felt like I'm barely hanging on.  I've wanted to cry to someone, throw a fit, etc.  I don't know what I would have done, or would do, if I didn't have a Support Group.  I've been blessed with 2 different Support Groups- Family/Friends and literally this Support Group.  Coming to the Support Group isn't always something I want to go out and drive to, but I've never left a meeting in which I wasn't glad that I came.  By getting involved in LV RSD/CRPS Support Group, I've found people that email me* (or call*) that I can either "cry" to or I can actually be a shoulder for them to "cry" on!  Nothing really helps to take your mind off your own troubles than to hear another's troubles.

I am so thankful for this Support Group in so many ways.  As I read / hear stories of the trials that those who have had RSD/CRPS for many years have had to go through, I am so thankful for the guidance that they have shared with me.  I've been directed to doctors that know RSD/CRPS and how to help.  I have been directed to specialists that I've needed.  I was directed to a doctor that was familiar with the different medications, that he found a combination that I can handle.  

I have tried a few doctors, that I found on my own, but soon learned that they weren't helping me "live".  They were just helping me to "hang in there".  

The support that the LV RSD/CRPS members give...well, that can't be explained or measured. Not one person has all the answers.  We all have experiences that we can share to help each other out.  Wow!  I had information that helped someone!  

This next meeting, March 8th, WE want to share what WE have learned.  And we would like to know what you have learned.  What has helped me to control my pain, may not be what has helped you.  We are each different and there is no ONE way to do things. 

 So we hope you will drive over and join us.  Share your knowledge and experiences, which just might be what that one person just might need.

(Remember some things shared might have worked for you but may be dangerous to others, our leaders will/may add to what is being suggested as they feel the need)

*Personal emails and telephone numbers are never given out by the Support Group without permission. 
  (Please do not copy this photo as it belongs to a member)