WXGlade widgets extension

I use wxGlade to design GUI and I found it limited in the small selection of Widgets included. However it have large potential for 'local'  (or plug-in) widgets. So here is my contribution to try and improve on the range of wxWidget supported.

OpenServo Interface Console

  This is an application to be used with OpenServo and OpenServo InterFace. OpenServo is an open source project changing stock hobby servos into micro-controller high-performance devices. OpenServoInterFace (OSIF) is a communication adapter device to connect two-wire interface devices to a computer USB port.

 The console is extensible so that we can easily add new servo protocols and new communications interfaces. It provides a configurable environment to setup and test your servos.

For information and download, go to OSIF console.


I have a few panoramas published on ViewAt . I use a small Canon camera on a home-made panoramic mount. Stitching was done using Hugin free program.