lvjtn's mod page for Open General

Welcome on my OG mod site!

I've created lots of additional elements for Open General. Most of them, like maps, icons, default GUI files are part of the official packages and you can find them in the OG repository. However, some auxiliaries aren't due to various reasons. I collected them here.


This is the classical SSI PG2 efile and campaigns with an updated file structure fitting OG and a modernized design.

A small and funny equipment file for replaying the Sensha-dō matches portrayed in Girls und Panzer anime / manga series.

It's an unfinished equipment file covering Arab-Israeli wars between 1948-82. After finishing it, I will ad it to the official repository.

It is made for testing bug reports and the latest OpenGen improvements, not playing.

Fake PNG maps:

Empty PNG file for those players who prefer "Use always tiled-maps" setting. With these files in your main MAP folder, the game won't download the missing maps, and you can spare more than 1GB.