Senior Design for Social Impact Projects

Help us to judge the best senior project ideas from our class: Design for Social Impact. 
Their challenge was to create new and novel inventions by combining the functions and/or forms of other products. 
They also practiced arranging and reorganizing ideas to come up with a novel caption for the cartoon below. 

Look at the cartoon and vote on the best cartoon caption
Then look over the Ideas/prototypes on the left and choose the three best inventions. 
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Ideas/Prototypes for New Products

Instructions: browse through the ideas in the column, then choose the top three in the list to the right.

Fan Bookmark

This innovation combines the functions of a portable fan and a bookmark so you can benefit from both. This fan not only allows you to cool off on a hot summer day, but it also holds your book open for a better, more pleasurable reading experience. This book opener/marker and fan is perfect for any reader on the planet. This can be used by the entire family and eliminate all you problems as a reader.

Self Sustaining Solar Lamp

This lamp will use the light it produces as well as any surrounding light in order to power itself .  When it is off it will store the energy in a battery so you can use it wirelessly until the charge dies out.

The Mixed Drinker 4000

If one day, you can't decide between milk or gatorade in your water bottle, this invention will definitely help. It can keep two different typed of drinks in it without mixing them! The top is also split with sliders so you can choose which side to drink from.


Tired of walking down the stairs? This slide inflates from your stairs with the click of a button. You'll be at your destination in no time!

Cot Mug

The cooling and heating mug

The mug is designed in order to be able to heat, cool, or solely be a regular mug. There is a charger which may be plugged into a computer or iphone charger that is used to charge the mug yet the battery life of the mug is close to three days so it does not need to be charged often. The handle is made out of a special moldable material which keeps ur hand at an ideal temperature and does not allow for the handle to become too hot or too cold. There is an heat/cool switch which allows you to switch between the options and if you do not press the button down it allows for the mug to simply remain a mug.

Disposable Speakers

The revolutionary portable disposable speaker. These speakers can be taken anywhere and work without any electricity. By amplifying the sound waves of an iPhone, the RPDS will magnify your entertainment. Great for camping trips and barbecues and surprise birthday parties. After you use them, you have the option to save them or discard them. They are completely recyclable.

Camelback Pillow

90% of Americans suffer from dehydration while they sleep. End the suffering! Next time you’re going to sleep, just tilt your head and get hydrated. Vote Camelback Pillow in 2012!


Tired of having to choose style over your favorite jams? Fear no more! You can finally strut these attractive earrings, which are secretly blue tooth enabled headphones. Now you can look pretty with this piece of jewelry, and then BAM you can hear the sweet sound of music (and still look pretty)!

Monday Morning Mirror

The Monday Morning Mirror provides up to the minute weather forecast for those with a busy schedule. Don’t have time in the morning to check the weather? Want to know if you should grab that jacket in the morning? Now, with Monday Morning Mirror, you can know what to expect in the morning.

Fresh Scent Fan

Does your room smell like 2 weeks worth of dirty laundry because you just haven't had the time to clean your clothes? Or does your room smell like that takeout food from last Saturday because you are too lazy to toss those empty take-out containers? Well here's something that will fix all of that in just seconds. All you have to do is plug in the "Fresh Scent Fan", turn it on and...poof! Your room went from smelling like the gym to a citrus paradise with little to no effort. A very cool and refreshing alternative to a smelly room.

Dropper Contacts

A drop in each eye will make everything clear. Squeeze a drop into your eye and let "Dropper Contacts" do the rest. The gel-like fluid will wrap around your eye and fix your vision problems the same way a contact does. When their 20hr lifespan is over, their non-toxic composition will dissolve into your eyes.

Blackout Lamp

Have you ever been in a room that needed light? More importantly, have you ever been in a room too bright? Have you ever been woken up by the sun? Well that can change with the blackout light bulb. This works in a normal light fixture, yet makes a room pitch black instead of light with the help of blinds. With the latest technology from Duffurns Incorporated these blinds are aesthetically pleasing and let light in with a bright light bulb in the fixture and block all light with a blackout light bulb in the fixture. This has worked miracles for my sleeping in on Sundays!

The Insect Annihilator

Got bugs? Turn on your Insect Annihilator and your room will quickly be infused with a sweet spring time aroma that happens to be toxic to bugs while COMPLETELY harmless to humans. Only 30 minutes later all your creepy critters will be ANNIHILATED!! The fan comes with 50 removable aroma sheets (all types of scents) that you can use based on  your own smell preference.

The Princess Protector

The "Princess Protector" is going to revolutionize the world of fashion for young girls. Now when little Sally wants to play outside, she can look like a Princess while shielding her face from the sun. Parents will buy this product for their daughters because the girls won't get sunburnt while wearing it, but will still love looking like royalty. The "Princess Protector" will be a huge success at Amusement Parks such as Disney World, and will become an instant necessity to your daughters wardrobe.

Creative Cartoon Captions

Instructions: Look at the cartoon then read through the possible captions below and choose the best one. 

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