Pictures and info

Included here are pictures of the alumni clubhouse in Reno, Nevada.
Courtesy of Patty Haack
The lobby of the Frank Brusa theater on the "new" Las Vegas High School campus is a fine place to house our memorabilia.
We also have a wall devoted to trophies earned throughout the history of Las Vegas High School.
For those who do not know this wall is in the cafeteria of the "new" Las Vegas High School campus.
This offers a two-fold advantage:
The students are immersed in the history of the school they attend.
We have a place to gather and display evidence of that history.
At any rate here is what Reno did with one major donation to the alumni association. (click "one major" to read story)








 This is an example of what can be achieved by a reactive and dedicated alumni association.
It is a hope although not a solid goal to one day have a clubhouse like this.
A special thanks goes out to the Reno HSAA and especially, Daryl Pelazzari, their VP of Operations for all the help they have given us in getting started.