2021 Meet Schedule
Meets other than listed may be pending

Every swimmer registered for a meet must have one adult registered online to volunteer for one-half of every swim meet your swimmer attends!

Families with multiple swimmers do not need to register to volunteer for each swimmer.

This applies to Lakeview, Findlay Country Club, and Non Members equally.

If you previously registered your swimmer, but can no longer attend the meet, please email lvfccswimteam@gmail.com with the information and the meet date as soon as possible because the entries are decided and entered in the computer one week before the actual meet.

Your assigned swim events will be posted at the meet

Meet Date

Online Registration 

Online Registration is only open several days before the registration deadline to minimize unreported changes to swimmer attendance at the meets

Please note registration deadline dates

Registration Deadline

Late Registrations Will Not Be Accepted

Coaches need time to assign and process meet entries

Please do not ask to sign up late for late entries  

Home Team

Visiting Team(s)

Meet Location

Warm Up

Time your swimmer and volunteers should arrive at the meet.  

 Meet Start


Please arrive at warm-up time and check in with the Volunteer Coordinator.

If you entered your swimmer(s) in the swim meet, you are required to volunteer for half of the meet.


Please allow 48 hours after the meet for results to be posted.

Away meets may take longer for results.

June 16

Meet Closed

June 13th







June 30th

Meet Cancelled


Meet Cancelled

July 7th

Meet Closed






If you previously registered your swimmer, but can no longer attend the meet, please email lvfccswimteam@gmail.com with the information and the meet date.

  • You must register for swim meets prior to the registration deadline. 
  • If you are not signed up for a meet your swimmers will not be entered.
  • We are unable to make deck entries at the meet.
 Every registered swimmer must have an adult registered to volunteer for half of every swim meet.

Please email the meet date and reason if you cannot volunteer at lvfccswimteam@gmail.com.

Meet Information

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to meet time for warmup!

Be considerate: Avoid late arrivals and no-shows.
Unexpected absences and tardiness force coaches to reconfigure relay teams, causing hurried changes in computerized lineups and officials' time sheets. If a swimmer is expected at a meet, but will be late or absent, families must notify coaches as soon as possible.

Please have the following contact numbers with you en route to meets in case of an emergency or delay.
Shari Hellman 419-957-0636
Swimmers who have not checked in within 30 minutes of the meet’s scheduled starting time will likely be dropped from the first set of relay events.

Check-in promptly with your coach. 

Your first few swim meets can be overwhelming.  All swim parents know what it is like your first season.  Ask any of our parents for help and they will be quick to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Write events on your swimmer's hand or forearm in durable pen/marker.

Individual events list will be posted.  The list is usually taped to a wall in the pool area, be patient as there are many swimmers and parents obtaining this information at one time. Parents can then write the event numbers, heat numbers, lanes, length/stroke, and swimmer numbers (for relays) on each swimmer’s hand or forearm in permanent marker. 

Individual events lists are easily misplaced or water-damaged during meets, and the body markings serve as an easy reference so that swimmers, and anyone helping them line-up, can get them to the right place at the right time.

People usually write something that looks like this:

E        H        L       W    

1         1        6      Med Relay 1st  Back  

23       2        8      50 Free

33       1        2      50 Fly

65       1        4      Free Relay 3rd  Free

E = Event number
H = Heat
L = Lane
W = What are they swimming: relay position, distance, stroke

Line up early for events
Parents are responsible for getting their swimmers to the bull pen on time.  Please listen to the announcements.  The official running the meet will not wait for someone to find your child for an event.  Older swimmers are usually very good at lining themselves up but younger children need to be brought to the bull pen by parents. Because events can move very quickly at times, it’s best for swimmers to be lining up in the bull pen at least 5 events prior to his or her scheduled event.

If your swimmer is DQ'ed (disqualified) this may be very upsetting to your swimmer, but it happens to most first and second year swimmers.  Your coach will tell your swimmer what he/she did wrong and explain how to correct the stroke.  This is a learning experience and attending practice regularly is the way your swimmer will learn.

Always congratulate your swimmer on a great job!

Remember, your swimmer is racing against his/her current best time for that stroke, not the fastest swimmer in the heat or the league.
If your swimmer improves his/her time by even a fraction of a second, it is awesome!