LVFCC caps are available at practice for $5 each.

Gear Information
  • Swim items can be purchased at many local stores or online. 
  • Girls are encouraged to wear one-piece suits, snug enough so they don't sag when wet. 
  • Boys traditionally wear jammers or briefs, but trunks are fine for those not comfortable in jammers or briefs. 
  • Most swimmers wear goggles. 

We are not selecting a team suit this year.
  • Fewer and fewer people purchase a team suit every year so please feel free to wear any suit you like.
  • Our team colors are black and blue if you would like to select a suit that coordinates.  

Where to Purchase Suits?
  • Swimsuits and Speedo goggles can be purchased locally at Dunhams or Dicks Sporting Goods
  • is a popular site to buy suits online.
  • If you are new to swimming it is best to try on your first suit for sizing before ordering online.

Where to Purchase Caps?
  • Team caps are available for purchase. 
  • Caps are good for keeping hair off the face as well as to protect the hair from chlorine damage. 

Lost and maybe Found?
  • Write your name using permanent marker on ALL swim gear and suits.
  • All items left at practice and meets are collected by the coaches.
  • This does not guarantee your items will be found if lost.
  • Several times during the season, another swimmer will mistake items for theirs and take them home.  
  • Those items are almost always returned the next practice and it helps if your swimmers name is visible on the items.
  • Your swimmer needs to make sure all items are with them after every practice and meet.

Please see the information below for detailed Gear Tips.

Gear Tips

Girls Competition Suits

Suits designed for competitive swimming simply make it easier to swim well. Competition suits are designed to stay in place when diving and swimming. They come in a wide choice of colors and patterns.  Competition swimwear is worn very tight to reduce drag.

Rinse your suit by hand in cool clear water after use.

Please use a permanent marker to write your name inside your suit.

Boys Competition Suits

Jammers and briefs simply make it easier to swim. Board shorts and traditional recreational swimsuits tend to catch water in the pockets, and the extra drag from all that baggy fabric makes it unnecessarily hard for young inexperienced swimmers to stay afloat.

Competition swimwear is worn very tight to reduce drag.

Rinse your suit by hand in cool clear water after use.

Please use a permanent marker to write your name inside your suit.

Fit is the most important aspect of swimming goggles. They will leak and/or give you a headache if they do not fit properly.  If you swim outdoors, most styles of swimming goggles are available with tinted lenses.

A quick test of goggle fit is to press them over your eyes without using the strap. If the swimming goggles stay on your face for more than a split second after you let go, they will probably work well for you once you get the strap adjusted.   Make sure the goggles fit on your nose comfortably.  Swimming goggles are sized for children and adults.

Although children are notorious for losing goggles. If you purchase a cheap pair of goggles, the goggles could leak.  If your child is on a swim team, he or she probably understands the importance of keeping track of their gear.

You should also keep a backup pair of goggles in your swim bag at all times. Goggles are notorious for breaking while swimmers are fidgeting with them just before their race. The swimmer might not have time behind the blocks to do minor repairs or adjust a borrowed pair. 

Put your name on the head strap so you are less likely to lose them. They should be allowed to fully dry between practices to discourage mildew and bacteria growth. Keep them out of direct sunlight and heat since the lenses can distort.

Speedo Vanquisher or Speedo Hydrospex is a popular goggle and cost $10 to $20.  Goggles can be purchased from Dunhams, Dicks, Meijer or anywhere swim items are sold.

Swim Cap

Swim caps are worn by both girls and boys on the team.  Swim caps reduce drag in the water. 
Team swim caps can be purchased through Shari.

What is the difference between latex, silicone, and lycra caps?

Latex caps are very inexpensive. They do not last very long. They can pull on hair or be uncomfortable.

Silicone caps are more expensive but last longer and may be more comfortable. Both latex and silicone caps will keep the hair relatively dry. They may help keep goggle straps from slipping.

Lycra caps are the most comfortable and do not pull hair. Lycra caps are not waterproof and only serve to keep longer hair from swishing around.

Tips to put on your swim cap
1. Hold it by the sides and bend your head down. The caps are slightly oblong at the opening, hold it so it's longest diameter is running parallel with your head.
2. Start putting the cap on at the forehead and have a buddy flip it on your head.

Care for your swim cap
Rinse your cap in clear water after each use and allow it to air dry. 

Make sure your name is written on the inside of the cap in permanent marker.