Lakeview Findlay Country Club Swim Team

The team will communicate any team information directly with swimmers and parents through email.
This site will be used only for swim meet registrations.  
You will receive an email when registrations are open.   
Thank you, Jill

LVFCC swim team is a great way to swim, meet friends, stay in shape, and enjoy swimming in a competitive, yet fun environment.
All levels of experience are welcome. Practice times and lanes are assigned by age groups and beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. 
If you enjoy swimming and are looking for the perfect summertime activity, the LVFCC Swim Team is for you!

Our team wants to be known as the best-behaved, most sportsman-like team in the league, both swimmers and parents.  Let's be good hosts and good guests. Remind your child to tell other swimmers, from all teams, "Good Swim" at the end of their races.
Swim Fast!  Have Fun!

If you are signed up to swim on our team, you will receive weekly emails from in late May.  
If you have not yet received an email, please send an email to