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Recently, the Unit obtained possession of a variety of Bridge books. We are currently storing them on a cart at the Senior Center. (In the corner near the piano.) They are available for use by any Unit member. We ask that you place your name, date, and the title on the list taped to the cart. Three weeks seems to be a reasonable time limit. Please return the book when finished. Barbara Berk and Mary Ann Sharpless are serving as "librarians" and have organized the books and will maintain the collection.

Should you be interested in donating books, please contact Mary Ann or Barbara. Because of limited space, we can only accept current publications.

The list is here on our website so you can review the titles, if interested, and someone can retrieve the book for you if you are not able to get to the Senior Center.

 Author       Title Date
Anderson, Ron The Lebensohl Convention Complete in Contract Bridge 1987
Anderson, Ron Preempts from A to Z 1997
Badger, Terry M. A Full Deck of Double-Dummy Problems 1996
Becker, Jim The biggest little Bridge Book in the world 1995
Bergen, Marty Everyone's Guide to the New Convention Card 1994
Bergen, Marty Understanding 1NT Forcing 2002
Bergen, Marty Introduction to Negative Doubles 2000
Bergen, Marty Negative Doubles 2000
Blackwood, Easley and Hanson, Keith Card Play Fundamentals 1987
Berthe, Robert and Lebely, Nobert Step-by-Step: Card Play in No Trumps 1996
Bird, David 52 Great Bridge Tips 2005
Boehm, Augie Three No Trump in Depth 2007
Bruno, Steve and Hardy, Max 2 over 1 Game Force 1993
Bourke, Tim and Smith, Marc Countdown to Winning Bridge 1999
Brock, Raymond No Trump Play 1998
Cappelletti, Mike and Lewis, Ed Cappelletti over No Trump (3)
Chazen, Bernie Principles of Bridge I (2) 2001
Club Letter Standard The Official Two-Over-One Bidding System 1996
Cohen, Larry The Law of Total Tricks Simplified 1997
Cohen, Larry To Bid or Not to Bid 1992
Feldheim, Harold 5 Card Major in Contract Bridge 1985
Feldheim, Harold Negative, Responsive, and other Competitive Doubles 1993
Feldheim, Harold The Weak Two Bid in Bridge 1973
Francis The ACBL Encyclopedia of Bridge
Granovetter, Matthew and Pamela Bridge Conventions in Depth 1993
Granovetter, Matthew and Pamela Conventions at a Glance
Grant, Audrey Better Bridge Series: Bidding 1995
Grant, Audrey The Diamond Series: Play of the Hand 1994
Grant, Audrey Better Bridge Series: Defense 1995
Grant, Audrey ACBL Bridge Series: Commonly Used Conventions 2000
Grant, Audrey ACBL Bridge Series: Defense 2002
Grant, Audrey ACBL Bridge Series: Move Commonly Used Conventions 2001
Grant, Audrey ACBL Bridge Series: Play of the Hand 2002
Hall, Burt and Lynn-Rose How the Experts Win at Bridge 1996
Hardy, Max Two Over One Game Force Quiz Book 1993
Hoffman, Martin and Smith, Marc Over Hoffman's Shoulder 2001
Kantar, Edwin Bridge Conventions 1972
Kantar, Edwin Defensive Bridge Play 1974
Kantar, Edwin Advanced Bridge Defense 1999
Kantar, Edwin Modern Bridge Defense 1999
Kantar, Edwin ake all Your Chances at Bridge 2009
Kantar, Edwin Take your Tricks 1993
Kantar, Edwin A Treasury of Bridge Tips 1992
Kantar, Edwin Bridge Bidding Made Easy 1972
Kay, Norman, Silodor, Sidney and Karpin, Fred The Complete Book of Duplicate Bridge 1993
Kearse, Amalya Bridge Conventions Complete 1990
Klinger, Ron 50 Winning Duplicate Tips 1993
Klinger, Ron 100 Winning Duplicate Tips 2003
Klinger, Ron Bid Better….Much Better 2000
Klinger, Ron Guide to Better Bridge 1990
Klinger, Ron Guide to Better Duplicate Bridge 1996
Klinger, Ron The Modern Losing Trick Count 1994
Klinger, Ron Practical Slam Bidding 1997
Klinger, Ron When to Bid, When to Pass 2003
Lampert, Harry The Fun Way to Serious Bridge 1980
Lawrence, Mike The Complete Book on Balancing in Contract Bridge 1993
Lawrence, Mike The Complete Book on Overcalls 2009
Lawrence, Mike The Complete Guide to Contested Auctions 1992
Lawrence, Mike The Complete Book on Hand Evaluation in Contract Bridge 1993
Lawrence, Mike Disturbing Opponents No Trump 1995
Lawrence, Mike How to Read Your Opponents Cards 1986
Lawrence, Mike Major Suit Raises 1983
Lawrence, Mike Opening Leads 1996
Lawrence, Mike Play a Swiss Teams of Four 1993
Manley, Brent The Tao of Bridge 2005
Morehead, Albert H. Official Rules of Card Games 1968
Michaels, Charles and Cohen, Ruth 4321 Manual (2) 1993
Mould, Alan Step-by-Step Slam Bidding 1995
Reese, Terence Begin Bridge with Reese 1977
Rimington, Derek and Klinger, Ron Improve you Bidding and Play 1999
Roth, Danny Declarer Play 1997
Roth, Danny Defence 1997
Roth, Danny Step-by-Step Discarding 2000
Root, William S. Common Sense Bidding 1986
Root, William S. How to Defend a Bridge Hand 1994
Root, William S. How to Play a Bridge Hand 1990
Root, William S. and Pavlicek, Richard Modern Bridge Conventions 1981
Seagram, Barbara and Smith, Marc 25 Bridge Conventions you Should Know 1999
Seagram, Barbara and Smith, Marc 25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding 2000
Seagram, Barbara and Smith, Marc 25 Ways to take More Tricks as Declarer 2003
Watson, Louis H. Watson's Classic Book on the Play of the Hand at Bridge 1959
Weinstein, Arthur Bridge Poems for Your Partner

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