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New Jersey-Urgent

June 2010
In June, 2010, geese were kicked and beaten to death. Bergen County decided to contact the USDA to kill the geese "in a more humane way," which really included putting them in chambers and sufficating them.
    The USDA did it before dawn, when it was still night, so the town woudn't know. But they did, and they are furious.
    Rumor also has it that Bergen County used to work with GeesePeace, so this betrayel is rather shocking.
    To Contact Bergen County with your ideas for taking a humaner route, email
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The USDA is gassing geese in New Jersey!! They shot geese in a shopping center. Although I strongly disagree with this, to be fair I will represent both sides of the argument.
My side:
Geese and Animal Protection programs such as LoveCanadaGeese and IDA (in defense of animals) support "my side," as I called it.
"Since non-lethal population control programs for resident Canada geese have proven successful throughout the country, the USDA must change course and switch to non-lethal, humane, and progressive population control," says LoveCanadaGeese.
They are using tax money and many people who disagree with this don't want their hard-earned money to be used killing animals that they love.
USDA's Side:
The communities call in the USDA to do the dirty work.For example, the Bergen County, NJ parks contracted the USDA to begin gassing geese late last week pre-dawn, under the cover of darkness, so nobody would know.
"The community wanted the geese to go, so are we really yelling at the right person here?"
Some things to support Bergen County, too: Geese have actually killed people before, such as once geese got on the launch pad at an airport, and the plane went wrong, killing 24 people.
Here is one of the email of one of the Bergen County Freeholders (the county that asked for the USDA)
jcarroll@co.bergen.nj.us Elizabeth Calabrese

Here is a sample email written by onlovinganimals.blogspot.com/2010/06/bergen-county-parks-department-new.html
I strongly oppose of the gassing of geese that took place last week in the Saddle River County Park, specifically in the Otto Pehle area, the Rochelle Park area, the Ridgewood Duck Pond, and the Glen Rock Duck Pond. The geese were molting, so they were flightless when they were trapped and gassed with Carbon Dioxide! The geese could have been coaxed to leave the area before they molted.Particularly betraying is the fact that Bergen County Parks work with GeesePeace. GeesePeace is a non-lethal management group of volunteers and they are a link on your Park's Dept. website! I was proud that Bergen County worked with non-lethal geese control. I know Park's Director Ray Dressler had reached out to Bergen County mayors in an effort to broaden the non-lethal program, and this Spring, the Parks Department sponsored GeesePeace training around the county. They had been a good partner. Geesepeace could have recommended a site aversion program in late May or early June. Instead, Bergen County chose to spend tax dollars by contracting the USDA to gas these animals.
I sincerely hope that you will direct the Parks Dept. to stop this program immediately and never continue it again.

If you would still like to email the USDA, click here to send an email to their secretary.
Thank you for reading
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