Goat Stories

A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine...Proverbs 17:22


 Luv-1-N-Udder Alpines  

Never trust a buck "In Love" 

The funny thing that happened on our farm was the day a friend brought her doe to our house to breed with our Alpine buck, Tigger.  Tigger was still around a year old and extremely gentle and friendly, but he had grown a lot and had very long legs.  We put my friend's doe into Tigger's pen and they were very happy together.   When we were sure that nature had taken its proper course, my friend sent her son in to fetch their doe.  All was well and good, except Tigger followed directly behind his New-Found Love out into the main pen.  No problem. I just grabbed his collar and stood holding him inside the main pen while my friend's son and his doe made their way to the exit.  Again all was well and good as I stood there chatting with my friend on the other side of the fence.  Tigger looked at me and then looked at the Love of His Life making her exit and decided he needed to DO SOMETHING NOW.  So, in desperation, he dove between my legs which effectively loosened my grip on his collar, but he didn't stay in the diving position.  He stood up when he was halfway through, which because of his long legs meant that my feet were no longer touching the ground, so I grabbed the first hand hold I could find, his tail, and went for the ride of my life.  Tigger was frightened by the extra weight on his back and the attack on his tail and shot off down the hill over brambles and sticks, none of which I desired to land in, so I continued my death grip on his tail, which propelled him further into the woods.  Finally I spotted a soft, muddy place to land and launched myself off of his rear end.  The entire time, my friend stood on the other side of the fence in helpless horror, sure in her heart that this was going to end badly.  Once I landed and took stock of my physical well-being, I looked up the hill at her and seeing her shock and horrified expression, started laughing until the tears rolled down my cheeks as I sat there in the mud with nothing better to do.  I wish I had a video of that one!

Christina Crook
Luv-1-N-Udder Alpines
Sugar Grove, OH  43155