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Raising Alpine Dairy Goats in the beautiful Hocking Hills of Ohio.

"And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment."  1 John 3:23


We have been involved in 4-H, raising and showing Alpine Dairy Goats since 1998.  After the Lord directed us to sell our original herd we took a year off in 2002 so we could travel with my husband.   However, my son and I both missed having goats, so we purchased our new herd foundation animals from Nodaway French Alpines in NC and we were in the 4-H fun once again.   This has been an experience that has taught my family so much and enriched our lives beyond measure.  There have been losses and there have been joys, and lessons that have reminded us of the sacredness and fragility of all life and our responsibility to care for our animal friends as we would want to be cared for if we were in their situation.  God continues to guide and direct us and uses our animal friends to teach us more about Himself.

We keep our herd small due to land and housing limitations, so there are always animals for sale in the spring.  We breed for show conformation, milk production and temperament.  We tested all of our breeding stock for Johnes, CAE and CL in Spring of 2012 and got a perfectly clean report on all of our breeding does and bucks.  We do not pasteurize the milk for the kids, or bottle feed, but allow the kids to nurse their dams as God designed them to do, which we believe gives the babies more resistance to disease and increases their ability to reach their full genetic potential.  Each generation has improved in stature and health over the previous since we began this practice.  We give each kid individual attention and love  twice a day (or more) to keep them friendly and comfortable with people.

About Alpines:

Alpine Dairy Goats are a wonderful breed.   They are the most gracefully built, agile breed and possess  extreme intelligence.  They are normally quiet unless disturbed or needing attention.  They thrive in all climates and come in various colors and patterns.  The challenge of owning Alpine Dairy goats usually results from their agility and intelligence which easily gets  them into trouble.  

The Alpine Dairy Goat Ring
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