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Le Nucleaire: Non Merci
A history of the first anti-nuclear demonstration in Quebec. I helped to organize it and produced this radio program in French. in 1977.
Hydro Quebec wanted to build 30 + nuclear reactors along the St. Lawrence. We won!
Hydro Quebec didn't build a single one after Gentilly 2 although the Liberal government had wanted to build Gentilly 3. The Levesque government cancelled it. Gentilly 2 was decommissioned after 29 years of service.
Our government
I rejoiced when Stephen Harper lost the elections in 2015 although I am not a supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada. I did so in spite of some reservations but perhaps Justin Trudeau's changes are more  cosmetic than substantive. To honour the contract signed when Harper was Prime Minister with Saudi Arabia - one of the worst human rights offenders on Earth -  is highly questionable. His decision to send Canadian troops to the Russian border is irresponsible and dangerous. It didn't take long for Trudeau to show that he is Obama's poodle. His meetings with Trump seem to be full of joviality. The old saying that the more it changes the more it remains the same still applies to politics.

A reproduction of my previous Front Page expressing joy Justin Trudeau won the elections is here.

Ever once in a while some artist comes along who fools me. Obama is one, Trudeau is another. It will be interesting to see how Justin Trudeau will get along wit  President Trump. I bet their relations will be just fine. It is only the surface of reality, after all. In the meantime massive changes are taking place with so-called trade deals. They are more concerned of giving some of our rights to corporations and boosting profitability of corporations than "free trade". (Thousands of pages to codify free trade?) Trudeau, Trump, Merkel and Theresa May are just puppets in a Kasperletheater. The "gemütliche Atmosphäre" is rarely present however and then only as diversion. Like when the Three Amigos get together to announce something trivial with great fanfare in between lavish dinners. What disgraceful theatre while giving more of our rights to unelected "arbitrators" and corporations!

However to paraphrase Churchill, democracy is the worst political system except for all the others tried.

A lot of people died for the right to vote. That alone should compel us to defend it everywhere.

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American Exceptionalism
Chemical weapons
Omar Khadr
I don't think there has been anybody in any other country where the Supreme Court dealt with that same person three times. Only in Canada!
War crimes

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