Our school looking great this Fall! The K-12 school is located right on the bay in the fly-in community of Lutsel K'e, on the east arm of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. There are currently about 65 students and 10 staff offering the core curriculum with a strong emphasis on developing strong literacy and math skills to support academic achievement. The school also supports students to become confident, respectful, self-reliant Dene People able to contribute to their community  and excel in their chosen goals and careers. Preservation of the Dene Language and culture, and integrating on the land learning experiences with the core curriculum allows students to develop the knowledge and skills to walk strong in two worlds.
Our school was praised by the Governor-General of Canada in 2012 for the rapid growth in literacy and math skills in the school over the five year period of our implementation of the Leadership for Literacy Initiative. We continue to make culture-based education and academic achievement the core strengths of our program.

Last year the high school students committed to intensive fundraising through Community Lunches every Friday, catering contracts for Band Meetings, bake sales, art auctions and other projects to make an end of the year trip to Vancouver for a week. It was a fabulous trip and everyone had an amazing time! This year many of the students have been working hard to fund raise for another trip. We need a few more Bingos and Community Lunches and we will be all set for travelling!! We invite parents to help out with any ideas and volunteering!

Sharon Firth will be joining us for two days this week - February 13 & 14th to make feather earrings and do some skiing!!

Spring Break is later this year - the two weeks on either side of Easter Weekend. Break is from Friday, April 11 - Monday, April 28, 2014.

We hope to get out to Artillery Lake late March, early April before the break for Spring Hunt!

Lutsel K'e Dene School - Culture based education

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