Volunteer Corner Page

Welcome to the PTA Volunteer Corner Page!                                                          
Here you will find all of the information needed to discover the many ways you can help us to help your student and all the students and staff at Luther Jackson Middle School. 
The PTA needs volunteers for year-long positions and one-time events.
If you are interested in any of the positions listed, contact Kelly Henderson Hagen (hendersonhagen@verizon.net).  The purple volunteer form was included in your student's welcome package in August 2012.  If you need more information on any of these positions, please consult the PTA Position Descriptions for more details about what each position requires. 
One-time events will be advertised in “News You Can Use” emails, in the monthly “Parent Notes and News” newsletter and here in Volunteer Corner. All three options will provide you with the link needed to access the on-line volunteer sign-up. There you will find all of the necessary information to make volunteering easy.
Some of our one-time activities include picture day, vision and hearing screenings, book fair and school dances.  These events are generally during school hours.  We do, however,  need those parents who are available on the weekends to help with Merrifield Day or Fall or Spring Cleanup.
We need your help to make each event at LJMS special and successful.