Way of Life

the Way of Life here balances the Communal with the Individual

Study - This is the core of why you are here. In addition to one's undergraduate coursework, there will be opportunities to learn through formal and informal instruction at the chapel.

Worship - Residents will have the opportunity to participate in and lead worship on a regular basis.

Communal Living - Those discerning at Luther.House will be expected to live in a community in which members share mutual respect for one another.

Service - Proclaiming the Gospel begins here! As a resident at Luther.House you'll have the opportunity to serve your sisters & brothers and the wider community by helping to run the campus chapel. All residents will receive training as student ministers. Some students, after a time of preparation and study, will be authorized to lead congregational worship at the discretion of the Bishop of the West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod.

Formation - Your time at Luther.House shall be a time to grow in faith and in spirit. Individual and group spiritual formation will occur during one's time here.