About Us

    The Lutheran Rangers was created in 1963. It is a scouting program for boys, with a Lutheran focus. Specifically, it has a basis on the Missouri Synod Lutheran doctrine. The main difference between Rangers and other scouting programs is that we talk specifically about the Triune God, and his love for us. Our basis for doing good works and serving others is based on glorifying God, not on a duty to him or as a way to gain his favor.

    The Rangers program is created for 3-8th grade boys. The program can start with second graders, if parents and leaders feel ready. A very basic program has been created for first graders, to help to get them accustomed to Rangers. 
        Membership in the Lutheran Rangers has, like so many other groups, waned over the past few years. Our Father's Lutheran Church and School in Greenfield, WI has the last known Ranger program. The Rangers at Our Father's are surviving, and thriving. Our camp has 24 members, and 7 dedicated Fathers as leaders. More than 75% of the eligible boys enrolled at the school are Rangers.
    Due to the waning interest, the National Council was dissolved in 2011. However, with increased interest over the past few months, the leaders of Our Father's Camp #9 are working to spread the program again, and offer a National Council. This will take some time to complete, but we feel that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and with the commitment of our congregation, we can make this happen.
    Our Father's has committed to being the Home of the Lutheran Rangers National Council. We have talked with two churches willing to be "pilot" camps, working with us to establish the National Council again. We hope to have a program established for the remaining interested churches in 6-12 months.