L' Església Luterana
Information about the lutheran doctrines in Catalan language.


Watchful One

Thoughts from one baptized child or God, who is also a husband, father, pastor, etc.  My first post (http://watchfulone.blogspot.com/2006/06/whats-in-name-anyway.html) was an attempt to describe my blog.


Lutheran Reformission
Thoughts on theology, evangelism, and other assorted topics, especially in regard to the relationship between doctrine and mission in the Church.  Doctrinal mission, missional doctrine and cultural engagement (not compromise or imitation) are the ingredients of a Lutheran Reformission
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The Life and Theology of Ryan, the Lutheran.  A seminarian who has left the ELCA for the LCMS discusses theology and global Christianity.



Red Bridges Home
Red Bridges Home is a blog about being a layminister within LCMS, life as a mission start volunteer through the Ablaze movement, a special needs child, the wife of a husband studying to be a pastor - and keeping God in the middle of all of it.


Liturgical East
Liturgical East is the direction we face when we turn our focus to Christ.



It's Time For More Coffee

Thoughts and musings from a Pastor's wife and mom of four sons.


Comfort Ye My People

I started this blog in hopes to create a place of comfort and encouragement during times of trials and tribulations (eg: bereavement, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and trauma).



Funny Farm

Updates and general mayhem from my life as the SAHM to four small girls and as an LCMS Pastor's wife.

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Rants of an Insane Prophet
An overly educated Lutheran's thoughts on theology, society, art and basically everything.  Written especially as an application of Lutheran theology and Augustinianism to issues facing the Church and individuals today.  Also a place to put my poetry.

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        It’s the Word

On “It’s the Word” I plan to discuss issues related to faith, theology, and life as an alien in the world.  The name “It’s the Word” has a double meaning.  The more obvious biblical meaning deals with the Word in the sense that John uses it in John 1:1. The other sense in which I will use this concept is in the use that we make of not only the Word of God but our own words as we  attempt to make sense of the world and convey our own ideas to one another.  So, I hope that you enjoy “It’s the Word.”

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        Lutheran Music   

I am a full time professional music minister of a large LCMS church (for over 10 years).  I am increasingly concerned about the direction that the music in our synod is taking.  I see that more and more professional church workers, Pastors, DCEs etc., have a very limited musical and / or liturgical education.  As a result, they are continuously moving to churches and throwing out everything liturgy, hymnody, etc.  They are falling prey to the myth that there is a type of "outreach" music.  That in order to grow the church, you need the youth and to get the youth, you need contemporary praise.  I have an 8 year old son, and I hope that if he is inspired to become a music minister like his father and grandmother, that there will be room in the LCMS for real music.


        BLOGUSTANA: The Fusion of 2 Natures and 2 Kingdoms
The blog of a Liturgy-loving, Hymnal-preferring, Scripture-studying, Augustana-Confessing, Christ- and Cross-

        focused Confessional Lutheran…and a resident of this sin-riddled world.



        Like Wind In Ripe Grain
        Meditations from a Lutheran mission school in western Venezuela

        RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/LikeWindInRipeGrain



        Heart of My Husband
        We are Pastor or Seminary wives who are here to encourage other wives in their vocation as wife and mother.

        We believe in God-sized families and take joy in serving because it is through this vocation that our husbands

        give us a glimpse of our heavenly bridegroom's amazing love.



        A Lutheran Beggar
        Theological musings from a student of Scripture and all things Lutheran



        Confessional’s Bytes

        Confessional Layman blogging on random tidbits and threats facing confessional Lutheran today.



       Just and Sinner
       A blog dealing with theological issues and trends in the modern church from a Confession Lutheran

       perspective. I am an aspiring theologian, and a recent convert from Presbyterianism.



       Baptismal Life
       Daily reflections on what it means to be a baptized child of Christ in every day life.  We will reference

       Scripture, the Confessions, and moments from every day.



       The Lutheran Review

       The Lutheran Internet Newspaper

       RSS Feed:       http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheLutheranReview


       Epistles from Exile
       Blog of the Rev. Alan Kornacki, Jr., LCMS pastor in 
       exile.  This blog features sermons, theological tidbits, and sometimes (but
       not often) random musings.



        A Man with Only a Word in His Pocket
        Another Lutheran pastor's blog.



        Utah Lutheran
        My last year in seminary, I took a life saver of a class from Prof. Pless called the “Pastor’s Devotional Life.” In this class he suggested that a pastor’s devotions ought to be creative, in that something should be created out of them.I spend every morning in prayer and devotion, study. And I normally don’t look at the day to day of the office, Sermons, Bible Studies, visits, etc. until at the earliest mid morning. I find after spending time feeding myself from the green pasture of God’s word, I have a lot more with which to feed the sheep entrusted to me. These posts on this blog will be the fruits of my morning study, my breakfast from which I get my nourishment. I don’t want this to get complicated, it's breakfast not dinner. But I am willing to share my breakfast with you. Just thoughts that I have here and there as I read through the Greek New Testament, or the Book of Concord in German, or whatever else I happen to read in my morning devotions. Expect the musings to be eclectic.

        Kyrie Eleison
        Sources and resources regarding confessional Lutheranism
        and classical Lutheran education posted by Rev. Joel A. Brondos.
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        satis verborum
        A twenty-something confessional Lutheran's perspectives on theology, doctrine, and synodical issues.



        The Anonymous Lutheran
        One highly opinionated Lutheran guy.  Did I remember to say "opinionated"?

        RSS Feed:        http://anonymouslutheran.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default



        Beholding the Lamb of God
        One confessional Lutheran's quest to proclaim the Word, and discuss issues in the world today.



        A small group networking resource.  In addition the sermons (audio and text) of Pastor

        Brian Henderson-Trinity Lutheran Church-San Diego, California, are posted here.

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          Holy, Holy, Hymnody 

          Music has always held a position of great importance within the Evangelical Lutheran Church. However, the future 

          of hymnody is threatened, partly due to a severe lack of understanding of hymn texts and the role of hymns within the

          Divine Service. This blog exists to promote educating both clergy and laity in this rich treasury which belongs to all of

          God's people.



        Harrison for President

        A blog in support of electing Rev. Matthew Harrison LCMS president in 2010.

        Feed:  http://harrisonforpresident.wordpress.com/feed/



        Stand Firm

        Exposing the Threats to Confessional Lutheranism

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        Lutheran Kantor
        The musings of a confessional Lutheran guy who happens to be an organist and has a passion for Lutheran

        worship and theology.

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        North Prarie Pastor

        Sermons, Newsletters, and other things from Pr. Timothy Winterstein, the pastor of Trinity and St. Paul's

        Lutheran Parish in Northern Minnesota.

        Feed:  http://northprairiepastor.wordpress.com/feed/



        + The Name of the Lord +

        News, notes, sermons from the Fort.   A special concentration of the "Name of the Lord" devotions.



        Angry Lutherans

        This is a place to vent: to point out errors, inconsistencies, and obnoxiousness. It may also be a place to

        examine practices and the reasons behind them and possibly to learn something. Problems will not be solved

        here, any more than they will be by synod conventions or committees.



        The Historic Lectionary

        Historic Lectionary is a blog/web page dedicated to the one-year traditional lectionary of the Western          

        church.  It includes sermons from numerous pastors, as well as citations from the fathers, the confessions,

        modern  scholars, and musical notations.



        The Wurst Blog
        News and notes about my congregation, my work with the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church, and my




        LCMS News Spot
        A forum for discussion of current issues related to the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, with special  

        attention to happenings at Concordia Theological Seminary. Includes frequent "Questions / Observations of

        the Week" and a weekly poll.



       The Wittenberg Door
       Scriptural, theological and cultural writings relating to Lutheran theology and the LCMS




       Priestmanship is the art of thriving in the Ministry without actually being a winsome individual with a soul-

       winning personality. The eponymous blog is dedicated to discussions of priestmanly techniques, gambits, and




       Orthodoxy Hunter
       30something high-church Lutheran mom, new to the Wittenberg Trail, in love with the BOC.

       Exploring Confessional Lutheranism.

       RSS Feed:  http://orthodoxyhunter.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default



       Relating Christianity to Aesthetics: Soli Deo Gloria



       Delight in Understanding
       A fool trying to live by God's grace.

       RSS Feed: http://delightunderstanding.wordpress.com/feed/



       Concordia TheoBLOGical Seminary

       A blog of the Admission Staff at CTS, FW.



       The Tools OF Concord

       News, notes, and sermons for and about my congregation, my family, and our brethren in Chita, Siberia.



       My Babblings
       Babblings of a Confessional Lutheran who is studying and preparing to serve in the Pastoral Ministry at CTS.



       Thoughts on faith, books, music, the world, and the little things that make life interesting.

       RSS Feed: http://kesed.wordpress.com/feed/



       Reclaiming Our Heritage
       Comments on modern life from the viewpoint of a Lutheran pastor.  I've recently launched a monthly

       e-zine with the same title as this Blog. Check it out at http://reclaimingourheritage.com.

       RSS Feed:        http://feeds.feedburner.com/ReclaimingOurHeritage


       Concordian Sisters of Perpetual Parturition
       You too are a Concordian Sister of Perpetual Parturition, regardless of how many kids you have, if you believe
       in having a God-sized family. And if you buy into that Concordia business (we're talking Confessions here, not
       those money pits where we went to college).

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       This is my attempt at a "devotional blog." I post mainly sermons, short Bible Studies, hymns, chapel talks,
       and other thoughts. I am the pastor of an LCMS church in Painesville, Ohio.



       J.A.T. Vierkant's Notebook
       An ordained Lutheran minister's theological reflections, sermons, daily observations, questionnaires, and

       other fun stuff.



       Prairie Ponderings
       The ponderings of Lutheran in the land of 10,000 lakes.

       RSS Fedd:        http://prairieponderings07.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default



       Tear Down the High Places:  A New Reformation

       Spending each day trying to peel back the layers of wallpaper and paneling, searching for

       the  drywall that is Christianity.

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       Watt's What
       Sermons and Writings by Pastor Jonathan C. Watt
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       Faith, Life, and Culture
       This blog discusses faith, doctrine, and cultural issues that are pertinent to non-believers and believers. 



       Justitia extra nos posita

       Just basic questions and thoughts that I think could be good for growing in The Faith.



       Lutheran Lucciola
       The transformation from following Italian/European witchcraft to becoming Lutheran Christian.



       Glover's Blog

       Theology and Politics according to an LCMS Pastor and Political Theorist



        Lutheran Man

        Well I suppose I enjoy reading various blogs and have decided to give myself the chance to express some of  the struggles in my life. I am a husband and father, who struggles with a lot of demons on a daily basis. I try to curb my outward sins, but I worry about their effect on my wife and kids. I trust in Christ for my righteousness before God, I go to Holy Absolution, but my faith while strong is at the same time weak, my sin is always before me, if I weren't a Lutheran I don't know how I could take it any longer. I identify with St. Paul's struggle with sin very much, because I know the commands of God but my sins are always very apparent, knowing the Law of God shows my sins so clearly that I cling to Christ for comfort, I find it nowhere else.
I expect my posts to revolve around my struggles with sin, with theology and culture thrown in, since those are the posts from others that I enjoy reading about.



ResQRev: Ponderings of a Paramedic Pastor

My blog combines my vocation as an LCMS Pastor (21 years) and my avocation as a Paramedic (since

          1976).  Occasionally I throw in family info, too.

          RSS Feed:  http://resqrev.blogspot.com/atom.xml



Less Is More
Musings of a wanna-be-homesteading, homeschooling,
Confessional Lutheran, mother of two.



Thinking Lutheran
Purpose is to discuss concerns in the modern church as it moves into the 21st century.



Life with the Suttons
I am first grade teacher in a Lutheran school. I am also an Adoptive and Foster mom. My blog shares some of the happenings of my busy life.

RSS Fedd:        http://life-with-the-suttons.blogspot.com/atom.xml



Return of the Prodigal Blogger
The musings of a faith journer who has followed the Wittenberg Trail and landed in the LCMS.



Rev. Tucher
Mostly a collection of sermons, but with other theological and non-theological secular musings.

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German-American Lutherans

A foray into things Lutheran, German, and anything else my mind thinks up.




A Left Hand Blog

Politics and Culture from a confessional Lutheran perspective




Unaltered Lutheran

A Lutheran who prefers to live his Christianity by Scripture and his Lutheranism by the Book of Concord http://uac-lutheran.blogspot.com/atom.xml



Honoring the Office of Holy Ministry

This blog will attempt to foster a fruitful public discussion on the role of laity in the support, encouragement, and defense of faithful ordained clergy who refuse to bow the knee to the idols of our day.





A sword in the hat is better than a foot in your mouth. All the better if it is that double-bladed sword that slices and dices between bone and marrow. But I have always liked to sort things out by thinking out loud with friends and colleagues. And since my opportunities to do so are limited, I  figure I can multiply my thinking and sorting here.




The Albino Peacock

Things a Pastor’s wife cannot say.



Helmets Required II

A quirky combination of orthodox Lutheran theology, football, art and music.




The Blair Church Project

Class action trial lawyer and ministry organizer strategizes the assault on post-Christian culture and the increasingly post-Christian church




The Minnesota Lutheran

The Journeys and Thoughts of a Lutheran Pastor on the Shores of Minnesota's Lakes




Wohlrabe for President in '07

The Right Man to Right the Ship




Rev. Christopher S. Esget's blog




Northwoods Lutherans

This blog is a continuation of face to face meetings of LCMS pastors in the Oconto County Wisconsin area. It is open to everyone for viewing and comments.




Tell the Good News

Help pastors, people, and congregations understand that a love of deep theology is not antithetical to a love of spreading the Gospel.  Also help equip people to share that love with others, inside and outside the church.




Faith Ministries

Simply, Hebrews 11:1--Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.  I post devos basically, inspirational and Lutheran. 





Family, Economics, Business, Agriculture etc. in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




95 Theses on Collecting Luther

A daily posting and discussion of 95 tips in collecting 

memorabilia of Martin Luther and the Reformation (medals, coins,  stamps, postcards, pins, buttons, medallions, statues, posters,  books, etc.).




Hummie’s World

Sharing digital scrapbooking inspiration and tutorials and giving God the Glory for giving me a way to share God’s love with others.





Combining our two favorite things Lutheran Theology and Futurama, my wife and I write about current events, education, theology, and what ever else grabs our eyes.




Rapp Files

Reflections of a Lutheran layman who is a technical writer, amateur musician, exiled buckeye, and recovering Methodist residing in Detroit, Michigan.





Celebrating the journey of a Lutheran who is longing for his home, and seeking to learn how to serve in God's Kingdom here on Earth.




non cogito ergo non sum

Updates and theological reflections from a confessional

Lutheran teen and self proclaimed "Sith Lord"




Essentially Lutheran

A Lutheran layman shares thoughts on the radical Luther and his unpopular theology.




Upstate Lutheran

A  small "c" catholic Lutheran, married to a wonderful woman; together we have one wonderful son. Together we struggle with our sin, while we always have the hope of Jesus' triumph on the cross.




North Woods Seelsorger

Thoughts and ruminations by a confessionally-minded Lutheran pastor on church and society.  Seelsorger is a German word which means both pastor and chaplain.  "North Woods Seelsorger" describes the twin-emphases of my ministerial work as a parish pastor in the rural north country, and a chaplain for a volunteer fire department.   My writings will undoubtedly touch on both.




House, M.Div.

Law, Gospel, and no B.S. You might not like it, but you can not like it all the way into an eternity with your Savior. If you want your theology watered down and relevant to your Soccer Mom needs, go to Rev. Cudd(l)y in the ELCA. (S)he probably has plenty of what you want, but be sure you're wearing asbestos.




Earth and All Stars

Thoughts about history, philosophy and religion by a Lutheran living in Texas.




Three Taverns

A place to sit down and talk theology.




Friends of Mercy

A blog to raise awareness about AIDS Orphans and Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya from a Lutheran perspective. In 2007, FoM will launch Lutheran Cancer and Hospice Society. Friends of mercy is an RSO of LCMS World Relief. I update my blog at least once a week.




Garden of Gethsemane

Musings and ruminations of a pastor on theology, liturgy, society, politics, etc.





A confessional Lutheran. Vocation: husband, father of -- a disabled teen, former foster daughters and a bright light who asks millions of questions.   Interested in the Holy Office – but vocationally over taxed. Employed by the Farcical Aviation Agency – an Air Traffic Controller.




This is most certainly true.

Regular postings of discussions and sermons from the perspective of a Lutheran pastor serving in Huntington Beah, California.




Notebook of Memory

Observations, thoughts and dreams, not always on theological topics, but always from a Christian mentality.  I sometimes touch on theology or my life as a Lutheran, keeping in mind my "audience" is comprised of Lutherans, Catholics, atheists and "unaffiliated" folks.  A CURF grad and former teacher with a Catholic boyfriend, I enjoy taking pleasure in the little things of life




This Side of the City

Some stories of a pastor and an urban LCMS congregation and the struggle of proclaiming Christ to people on the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio.




IndianaJane's Journal

Life, culture, theology, & politics through the eyes of a homeschooling confessional Lutheran midwestern mom.




Hoffman Homemaker

LCMS homeschooling mom in Fort Wayne, IN




Susan's Pendulum

The mundane musings of a mom's mind in matters of homeschooling, hymnody, and housewifery. My blog also touches on other topics that distract my brain in the kitchen and laundry room, such as theology, life in a parsonage, nutrition, and whatever current events I haven't managed to ignore.




Consequences of Truth

Christian topics from a (usually) Lutheran perspective





This blog features personal and theological resources from a PhD student in NT.  I'm a graduate of Concordia University, River Forest, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, and Australian Lutheran College, North Adelaide, South Australia.  I'm currently studying at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL.  My interests include liturgy, humor and Australiana.




A Blog from the editor of Gottesdienst - a journal of the Evangelical-Lutheran Liturgy (www.gottesdienst.org)





LCMS Pastor offering a place to discuss Christianity and modern concerns of the church.




Preaching for food

This blog site deals with Lutheran issues and other entertaining things which are general in nature. Hopefully this is a uplifting blog that will bring joy and happiness.




The Rebellious Pastor's Wife

My blog deals with Lutheran theological issues, homeschooling, general family life, occasional politics...and of course, the Los Angeles Dodgers.




St. James Place

The bloggings of the St. Charles, Martha, Martha! and St. James as they live out their family vocations under the cross




On the Wittenberg Trail




Article 7

Article 7 refers to the Augsburg Confession - Concerning The Church. Consider this an exploration of that article through the cluttered brain of this Lutheran Pastor.




This Side of the Pulpit

What the world looks like from here...



Memorial Moment

Memorial Moment applies the theological content of a quotation from a church father, such as Luther, Leo the Great, Chrysostom, Augustine, Gregory the Great, Athanasius, the Cappadocian fathers, etc. to a contemporary faith issue. These devotions, which take seriously the church's great tradition, focus on the gospel of God's gracious giving rather than on human activity. These devotions put into practice the idea that an important contextualization for the church's theology is the church's history. The work receives enthusiastic reception from a growing list of 800+ email subscribers.




The Heresy Hunter

Examining the wolves, and their heresies, which are rampant in the Christian church today.




The Patch Blanket

An LC-MS Pastor's assorted thoughts on Scouting, Boy Scout patch collecting, theology & the occasional "other."  Our motto - "Where the crackerbarrel never ends!"




LCMS News & Insights

Making available news and insights into the current events shaping the direction and identity of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod




Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

The blog is personal (and from a lay individual), but reflects a Confessional Lutheran understanding (Sacraments, Scripture, etc.), even if the entry has nothing to do with Lutheranism or Christianity in general.  Many entries are theological discussions.




Lutheran is Lutheran is Lutheran

A Blog for talking about the Catechism of Martin Luther and how it can be an aid for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the narrowness and broadness of Lutheranism




Bluegrass Lutherans

Get information and read about the efforts of a Lutheran mission plant in Georgetown, Kentucky.




Cross Theology

A blog dedicated to the fundamental doctrine of the Christian Faith, Justifaication in the Cross by Faith.  Also humor and news from the Christian life.




Dago Women's Resource Centre, Kenya

The Dago Women's Resource Centre is a joint missions project of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya and The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. We exist to reach out in love, with mercy and compassion, to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the women and children of Kenya, Africa whose lives have been devastated by HIV and AIDS.




Lutheran Hen

The ramblings of a homeschooling mother.




I Trust When Dark My Road

One Lutheran pastor's journey in Christ through the dark road of depression and anxiety.  There is hope!  And you are not alone.





A Lutheran Seminarian looks at life.  Devotional based on Lutheran saints.  Reviews of music, websites, books and media.  Soon to be podcasting.




Finding Hope for Today and Tomorrow

`A source of devotions for anyone needing hope in a world plagued with sin and despair.




Latif's Memoir

Though some, I suppose, would learn from this blog, I intend it not as a forum for me to teach, but rather as a sort of on line notebook.  In it, I work out ideas (usually) pertinent to the life of the Church.




Eating Words
(formerly "Living Among Mysteries")

A blog by a Lutheran accountant in southern Indiana – but hopefully it will be interesting. Might throw in some agrarianism, some book recommendations, and maybe a touch of theology.




Here I Stand

Slightly random thoughts on theology and life, written unashamedly by a young confessional Lutheran.




Evangelical, Catholic, Missional, Faithful

A Blog site created by an LCMS Seminarian dedicated to theology.




A Few Simple Lutheran Sermons

A few simple Lutheran Sermons



Sites listed before 6/06:

A Beggar At The Table

This blog belongs to LC-C pastor Alex Klages and it features, among other things, a developing anti-breviary.



Aardvark Alley

Down and dirty dealings with that which bugs me. While the four-legged aardvark eats ants and termites, I get my kicks chewing up mindless liberalism, post-modern philosophy, and un-Christian, un-Lutheran theology.



Anxious Contentment

New(er) to the blog world. My random thoughts on my church, the LCMS, and Cleveland sports. (not necessarily in that order)



Ask the Pastor

Theological musings and answers to selected questions by a confessional Lutheran pastor.



Balaam's Ass

Balaam's Ass is run by an LCMS pastor.  Growing into more and more definite convictions since 2004.



A glimpse at the mundane life of a Lutheran family isolated in SW Arkansas.



beefstew-inator's blog

beef_stew's blog. it contains a few sermons, rants on "lutherans", discussion of some lutheran theology, and throws in some pictures of his family.



Beggar's Corner

Ponderings and Panderings in Lutheran theology, social problems, moral questions, and regrettably, politics.



Blog My Soul

Blog My Soul is the storefront for the ruminations of this Lutheran cleric. Timely comments interspersed with sermons, pictures of the grand children, devotional writing, essays, and Bible studies. Hey, its life, and it gets a little messy sometimes.



Bloghardt's Reflector

Reflections from the Reflection writer of Higher Things...



Ten Days Faithful

...and immediately blood and water came out... - John 19:34



Cantor's Padded Balcony

Missives of a Lutheran Layman/Cantor pertaining to worhip, liturgy,and congregational polity.



Cleveland Confessional Lutheranism

Cleveland, Ohio is not known for its commitment to Confessional Lutheranism. By the grace of God, it is my hope that it will be some day. This blog is my feeble attempt to get the ball rolling, to quote an over-used phrase.



Compassionate Confessional Lutherans

provides LCMS news updates as well as a Question of the Week that usually provokes some good discussion...most posters are CUW pre-sem students



Cracks of Walls

More rambling thoughts rather than doctrinal ponderings, but you're perfectly welcome to have a glance.




In the spirit of Lucas Cranach, this blog discusses issues of Christianity and culture with a Lutheran twist. That means using the lens of Vocation and the Two Kingdoms to think through contemporary issues. The blogger is Gene Edward Veith, Director of the Cranach Institute, the Cultural Editor of World Magazine, and author of fifteen books, including "God at Work" and "The Spirituality of the Cross."




If you visit the "Cyberbrethren" BLOG site all your wildest dreams will come true! Cyberbrethren is one of the most frequently mentioned and visited Lutheran BLOG sites in the worldwide Blogosphere.



The new Cyberbrethren home on the Internet. Lutheranism and miscellania by Rev. Paul T. McCain




Shooting pebbles in cyberspace at the Goliaths of post-modernism. This blog is the Theological commentary, cultural critique, and confessional ramblings of Rev. David Petersen of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana.



Das Schreiben von Schreiber

Das Schreiben von Schreiber is a (n English) blog from a Lutheran Layman in Ohio, somewhere between independence and the LCMS...



Original Evangelical

Interesting commentary on news, politics, theology, and current events from a Biblically conservative, Lutheran perspective.



Die Heilige Kirche

Truly orthodox Lutheranism is a return to the faith once delivered to the fathers without Roman addition or Protestant omission. Die Heilege Kirche (German for The Holy Church) is an attempt to examine our truly catholic roots.




There IS such a thing as a dumb question! When I have time, I ask them here.



Fireside - Lutheran Theology and Current Issues

The Fireside is run by Julie Martinez, a former member of the LC-MS Board of Directors. It contains articles in several distinct categories: Lutheran Theology, LC-MS issues, insights learned in the Boardroom, Lutheran book reviews, and general current news and personal items of interest. Guest authors of articles meeting these criteria are welcome to submit their work.



First Person Life

We all life life in the first person. Nobody can truly live vicariously. What appears here is my attempt to make sense of life as I encounter it. Some insights may seem profound, others mundane. Ultimately, it is hoped that what is found here can make life more understandable for someone else.



Full Throttle & an Empty Gas Tank

Faith Observed & Faith Observations. Lifetime LCMS'er who writes about his faith. This blog is more my ramblings as I work and process bible readings. I may throw in some other stuff from time to time.



God is The Pilot

A blog working to explore the faith of a confessional college 
student, as well as tackling the topic of Christ on Campus at a 
public university.



God's Word to a Post-Modern World

The purpose of this blog is to look at the mission of Christ's Church is to teach God's Word to a POMO world that rejects the Word. Let's converse about the challenges faced by Christians today. This is NOT your grandfather's church, or should it be?



Green Underground

An ordinary blog of an ordinary Lutheran who gets on his soapbox periodically.



Hoc Est Verum

Comments on current ecclesial and theological topics from a rambling Lutheran layman's point of view.




A not-so-serious look at the serious issues facing American Christianity



Hot Lutheran on Lutheran Action

The voice of one young confessional Lutheran Kantor



Incarnatus Est

Lutheran. Catholic. Sacramental. Addressing the contemporary life of the church from an authentic, ancient Christian point of view.



J.Kru -- Lutheran Style and Substance

A seminarian's blog on Lutheran style and substance, perhaps with an emphasis on style.



Jonathan's Christian Weekly

A blog that has now been mostly discontinued with occasional posts; its title now lies somewhat as the author is in high school and is very busy... Covers diverse topics; discussion is open to public, no subscription required to comment. May reopen if demand is strong enough... check it out.



Journalistic Jargon

I'm a natural blonde, a journalist and an Independent Beauty Consultant. I'm a Lutheran, I'm married to the Terrible Swede and am very happy.



just going

just going, how many of us seem to associate that with barely being able to move, or the more nonchallant movement toward (fill in the blank)?



Kelly's Blog

General thoughts and observations from a Lutheran perspective.



Law & Gospel with Tom Baker

Sermon studies; Law/Gospel distinctions; The radical nature of Lutheran theology.



Learning Greek

This site is for discussions related to linguistics and the relation of our understanding of what language is and how it works to pastoral practice. This includes, but is not limited to, exegesis and hermeneutics as well as proclamation of the Gospel.




Wandering thoughts and opinions on religion, politics, culture, etc. http://lilacrose.nu/atom.xml


Little Loci

A "Higher Things" blog by R. Fouts.



Little Mouse on the Prairie

An LCMS blogging rube who loves to read 'em and whose family finally convinced her to start her own. <Sarcasm alert level>



Love and Blunder

Confessional Lutheran couple with a cute baby write about topics ranging from theology and parenting to speech acquisition and beer. Guaranteed to waste five minutes of your time.



Luther at the Movies

Join me, Doctor Martin Luther, as I do to contemporary cinema what I did to the Whore of Babylon. Unless I am convinced that a moving picture does not emit a stench to choke a sow, my conscience is captive to my impeccable taste. Here I sit, in a comfy Loews stadium-seating theatre, replete with Nacho bar and adjustable arm rests! I can do no other!



Lutheran Hymn Revival

Would that we could sing again, Doctrine flowing from the heart of God! Free from all the dreams of men, Sanctified by Jesus' precious blood! Discussions of downfall of modern Lutheran hymnody, harsh criticism of Franzmann, and Lutheran Sonnets. Criticism Encouraged!



Lutherans and Contraception

This is an open blog for thoughtful, reasonable, confessional Lutherans to discuss, consider, talk, and wrestle with contraception, contraceptives, and the contraceptive age - all through The Theology of the Cross. Is there a need for this conversation? We'll see...



Madre's Missives

Inadvertent and Occasionally Intentional Thoughts - insights about "women's issues" in the way of the Gospel.



Michael P. O'Connor

A personal Blog of a LCMS layman in Pittsburgh, PA.



Music Spectrum

Reviewing music (secular and Christian) according to a Spectrum of styles and discussing the connection to the Christian faith. Also frequent CD Giveaways!


Necessary Roughness

A confessional Lutheran who frequently blogs and reports on government, economics, sports, Halliburton (his employer), technology, traveling, trivia, and other stuff. Lives in Ohio but travels extensively through the U.S. Posts pictures of things encountered in travel. Attempts to consistently improve writing skills and seeks comment on writing style in addition to subject matter. Necessary Roughness is organized in a football motif where flags are thrown for bad behavior and good behavior scores points.



Nerd Heaven

A blog by a young Confessional Lutheran who writes about theology, teaching, politics, and other odds and ends



Not Worthy

Ramblings of a confessional Lutheran including theology, sports, and perspectives on life.



Old School Confessional

Old school and Confessional.



Outer Rim Territories



Pastor Berg's Blog

A few pastoral musings from a confessional Lutheran Pastor who serves Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin and Christ Lutheran Academy in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.



Pastor Fred's Two Cents

Blog on over and see what's on this Lutheran Pastor's mind.



Pastor Kozak

Rev. Jack Kozak is pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Akron, Ohio.




Rev. Tom Chryst, Associate Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church (LCMS), Racine, Wisconsin. Sermons, Hymns, Lutheran Articles, Fun Stuff.



Prophet to be...

Thoughts and ramblings from a Pre-seminary student at Concordia Wisconsin, covering everything from what happens on campus, through theology, to what I eat for lunch (assuming I remember to eat lunch)!



Putting Out The Fire

Putting out the fires with Cold Baptismal Water.



Quicunque vult...

Quicunque vult... is the hang out of a Deaconess in Mississippi caught on an extended field trip with her group of not-quite-ready for primetime society students. Along the way are various discoveries from Baptism to Feminist Theology- all under the Theology of the Cross.



Raging Rabbits

Straight talk on Politics, Society and Such



Ramblin' Rosko

A personal blog of a rambler. I ramble about lots of topics, including theology, work, school, and liturgy. Some rants, some innocent rambling, otherwise, just me!



Theology from the Inverted Mind of a Lutheran

The rantings of a Lutheran seminary student frustrated by the way of this world, but given hope by the Life of the World.



Rev. Cwirla's Blogosphere

Sermons, Random Thoughts, Logic, and Apologetics



Shepherd's Ponderings

Shepherd's Ponderings Pondering the power of Christ's Gospel for a postmodern world and the call to serve the proclamation of that Gospel. Musings on faith, life, church dynamics, and ministry in the military.



Spirit and Life

Pastor Jeff Warner (aka *preacherman*) serves in a dual-ministry as sole pastor of Zion Lutheran Church & School (LCMS) in rural Nebraska, and as Missionary-at-Large for the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska. He writes and speaks on a variety of topics related to confessional Lutheran doctrine and evangelical practice in mission. His site Spirit and Life was launched in September, 2001.



St. James the Hoosier

The ramblings and thoughts of a 25 year old LCMS Vicar who is daring to be Lutheran about life, faith, and vicarage.



Steven S. Billings

This is mostly a personal blog, but I also post my sermons from week to week. Family related photos are posted, as well as song projects that I'm working on, not to mention my views on current topics and things that matter to me.


Stormfield Manor

Confessional Lutheran teenager rants and raves about life, literature, writing, music, and any other topic that comes into the crosshairs.



Student of the Word - Servant of Christ

A confessionally-minded Lutheran pastor offers articles and papers on theological topics and events affecting the church today.


Terrible Swede

Doctrinal differences are important to the Lutheran because at the root of every false doctrine is the devil, seeking to destroy the Gospel.



Territorial Bloggings

Wherein the author (a LCMS layman in Valparaiso, IN): Takes a stand based on the clear, absolute Truth that God has given us, Bucks the tide of postmodern relativism, & Dares to be Lutheran!



The Burr in the Burgh

A Lutheran pastor in Pittsburgh reflects on God, church and pop culture.



The Confessional Cowboy

The Higher Things blog of Rev. Marcus Zill, campus pastor at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church & Campus Center in Laramie, WY and the Executive of Christ on Campus for Higher Things. This blog contains a little bit of everything from collegiate commentary to cowboy logic.



The Grateful Christian

Essays, opinions, and works-in-progress by a conservative Lutheran pastor.



The Joshua Victor Theory

Writings and thoughts from a Confessional Lutheran seminary student, hoping to learn the great art of exegesis.



The Kurths

Our Family Vocation



The Lutheran Logomaniac

Word, words, words. This Lutheran pastor obsesses over words, for it is the Word made Flesh that shapes who we are. With sermons, commentary, and an occasional dig, come take a peek at the land of the Kenosha Synod!



The Lutheran Moose

"Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott!" Travel log and views from the porch of the Lone Moose Ranch, home of the Tiews family wherever they might go. Currently a new road is taking them to St. Louis where they will become a Concordia seminary family.



The Ranting Reverend

An LCMS Pastor rants about church, politics, proper care and use of firearms, wine and stuff.



The Spirit is Willing; the flesh is weak.

Personal blog sharing thoughts on Christianity in society and Lutheranism as true Christianity.






Thoughts and Ideas of a Sophisticated Mind

The thoughts and ideas of a teenage Conservative homeschooled Lutheran debater on religion, politics, current events, debate and other sheer randomness.



Three Hierarchies

Thoughts on the teachings and practice of the three kingdoms of this world -- family, country, and church -- from the perspective of an Lutheran academic in the Midwest.



Uneasy Priest

A Missouri Synod pastor writes about his life and doctrine from "The Neuendettelsau of the Southern Illinois District".



Watt's What

Sermons and other writings by Rev. Jonathan C. Watt, St. John's Lutheran Church (LC-MS), Howard, South Dakota



Weedon's Blog

Homilies, Musings, and Stuff from a Lutheran Pastor



Wife and Mama

The ramblings of a Lutheran wife and mama and what she does with all her "spare time" as her husband prepares for the Holy Ministry.