Student Tools


 Kids Search is powered by InSpire Indiana. Includes the full Funk and Wagnall Encyclopedia, the American Heritage Kids Dictionary, and a large image collection.

Yahoo Kids Dictionary


World Book Online SBCSC has a membership in World Book, and when you login from any school, you will not be asked for a password. To use WorldBook Online at home, get the password from your school librarian. To have any article read aloud to you, open the article, and click "Hear text read aloud" in the header of the page. A toolbar will open, and you can click to hear the text. Includes a dictionary, an atlas, timelines, instructions on how to do research and powerful search options.

Flash Cards

FlashCard Machine a free web application that enables users to create interactive web-based study flash cards and share them with others. Teachers can create accounts to share with students, or students can create their own. Flashcards can even be uploaded onto your iPod!

CueCard is a simple flash card program for studying just about anything. It lets you enter cards on the computer, and then quiz yourself. The interface is very simple, and hopefully intuitive. Also, it's completely free and the source code is provided.

Study Stack is kind of an aggregator for flash card websites, with links to 20 or 30 other sites for creating flashcards.  You can also use the site to make fun activities like hangman, crossword puzzles, matching from your flashcards. Flashcards can be uploaded to cell phone, pda or iPhone/iPod.


Kids Place Games from the St. Joseph County Public Library

Spelling Word Practice

Spelling City is a great site where you put in your spelling words, and select one of 3 options:
  • Teach Me will read the words aloud to you and put them in a sentence
  • Test Me will read the words for you to type. You can print out your test results
  • Game gives lots of options, including Hangman, Unscramble, Word Search, Missing Letter, MatchIt and Crossword.