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Here you will find resources to help you understand communication and communication disorders.


Cause and effect game teaching mouse skills and colors. Touch a butterfly and it flies away (and then flies back).  Teacher directed you could work on colors via the site.

Encourage your kids to talk! 

Just found some NEW stuff for getting kids to raise their volume and put visual effects to sound. Very simple programs. I think they would work best if you had a microphone on your computer (you can use any mic-take the one off your PC at home-it will work fine!), but mine worked fine with the internal computer mic. The frog was my favorite. Watch his mouth move whenever your kids talk. Very motivating!

Soundory is a fun matching game using songs for teenagers taken right off the radio (or iPod). Match up the songs to reveal the album covers. Good for auditory training and memory.

Mrs. Riley's PageBuilder is like Boardmaker on the web. You can try it one day for free, and then sign up ($5/mo or $45/yr) Super simple, easy and quick online program to make picture pages, stories, communication boards, etc. Watch the little video, and make your own page in about 2 minutes flat! You can use your own pictures, too.

Speaking of Speech is an interactive forum for speech/language pathologists and teachers to improve communication skills in our schools by exchanging ideas, techniques, materials, and lessons that work, finding out about materials before you buy, seeking and giving advice on therapy and caseload management issues, and exploring a myriad of helpful resource links. 

Interesting Things for ELL Students-Lots of fun language activities

ASL Browser (Thanks to Abbey Smith) QT video clips of signs arranged alphabetically. 

Hiyah-This website was developed by a mother and has lots of games and activities that you can either download or play online. Subjects include numbers, nouns and verbs, feelings, getting a haircut, going to the dentist and rhyming. Most activities are activated by a mouse click.

Picture SET is a collection of downloadable visual supports that can be used by students for both receptive and expressive communication in the classroom, at home, and in the community. This searchable database allows you to find a wide range of useful visual supports for different curriculum areas, activities, and events. PictureSET resources are created and updated by dedicated professionals working with students in British Columbia.

SymbolWorld has a whole website composed of symbols organized into a newspaper, stories and learning activities, like brushing teeth and making a sandwich. Symbols are all from the Rebus symbol set.

Carol's Homepage Online activities, including many to use for articulation lessons.

Use Visual Strategies has lots of pictures that you may use free of charge. It covers topics like emotions, hygiene and schedules.

Scholastic Building Language for Literacy has online activities like Nina the Naming Newt, Leo the Letter Loving Lobster and Reggie the Rhyming Rhino. Each activity lets you pick a setting, then gives you vocabulary from that setting (grocery store, home, school, etc.)

Scholastic's Community Club Photos of community workers accompanied by short recorded sentences designed for early readers. Text can be read with or without audio support. Each community helper tells about what they do at work in a story 4-5 pictures long, followed by a brief multiple choice quiz.

TONKA Matching Games Match identical pictures of Tonka trucks in a memory game. Other matching games require matching parts of Tonka vehicles that go together.

Listening Skills

ELLO stands for English Language Listening Lab Online. It is a collection of over 1,000 listening activites that students can view free via the internet. Most listening activites come with a downloadable MP3 audio file, transcipt and interactive quiz. ELLLO offers a variety of listening activities that each target a specific listening skill, need or interest. These activities were developed for ELL students, but anyone working on auditory processing would benefit. There is a whole section of Listening games-students listen, and then select the picture that is being described.

Interactive English Listening Exercises

Breaking News Englishhas lessons with lots of teacher suggestions. Make sure to click where it says "Listening" to hear the text read aloud (voice has a British accent). Great for older students to work on listening skills.

Listening 2 is a fun way to practice listening with little audio clips from well-known movies. Students recreate what they have heard by dragging the words in the proper order.

Learner-centered activities

Construction Site Building activity Build a neighborhood (Mr. Roger's Site) Choose farm, town/street, construction site or magical castle themes.

Build a House with Daisy Duck   

Create a Room Choose kitchen, bedroom, living room, or dining room to decorate/arrange. Large enough objects/stickers to use with touch screen 

Ponyville (My Little Pony) Choose a pony and decorate the candy shop, castle or meadow   

Tree House Move object/stickers around in Billy Bear's tree house to arrange rooms. No sound effects  

Explore Dora's House Explore the rooms in Dora's house (living room, bedroom, kitchen, garden) Make a recipe with Papa, plant a garden, etc. 

Family Helper 

Source Ideas for Off Computer use (Community Helpers Theme) Community Helpers listed on the website include: astronaut, baker, farmer, firefighter, fisherman, letter carrier, pilot, police and teacher. Some of the activities suggest crafts or games with variable usefulness, and some include printable worksheets or templates for projects 

Game Goo is a group of games from Earobics. Games are organized by level. Don't miss this one! 

Funny Faces  You are given a scene (Fill in the face you make when you drop your ice cream) and you click the facial features to make a face to match. You can print them out when you are done. You can even make your own scene.

Mr. Potato Head Just like the kid's toy! You can add all the pieces to make your own-even choose your own fruit or vegetable. Great for working on Wh questions.

About Face Arthur reads a story, and you decide what emotions the character is feeling by clicking on the correct facial expression.

Language and Literacy  

Make Your Own Zimmer Twins Movie Choose elements to fill in the sentence frame, using pre-made animation clips 

Sentence Machine

A Village in India This website presents a series of photos illustrating everyday life in a village in India. Prompts are provided for brief writing or discussion focusing on comparing and contrasting life in India with life in the US. 

CAST Universal Design Bookbuilder A free, online template for making "books" that include universal design features. You fill in template componants (text, graphics) and the Book Builder generates the code that makes your book fit the template and be available for online use, downloadable for offline computer use, or printed. A bit clumsy for making a book in real time WITH a young child, but it has much potential for creating appropriate materials FOR children with special needs.

Net Connections for Communication Disorders


PECs Place (Free membership required) has games, activities and a forum. Some PECs downloads.

The Picture Exchange Communication System has a good description of the PECs philosophy

What is PECs?

Teaching Children with Autism

Boardmaker Links

Activities and Games 

Mayer Johnson has an activity of the month each month with symbols you can add to your own Boardmaker library. For example, February has Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Black History Month and election)

Picture Symbol Recipes