LifeSkills Activities

General Interest

Lesson Plans and Activities for Teaching Basic Skills 

Hiyah-This website was developed by a mother and has lots of games and activities that you can either download or play online that require little or no reading. Subjects include numbers, nouns and verbs, feelings, getting a haircut, going to the dentist and rhyming. Most activities are activated by a mouse click.

Kidspace @ the Internet Public Library -Very nice reference source for kids. Language is easy to understand, lots of pictures. Well organized, with no ads.

Bobinog's Games has a game for choosing appropriate clothing, the steps for washing hands, sharing and grouping foods.

Craft recipes for you, the teacher. Make play dough, modeling clay, clay volcanos, dog cookies and more.

PECs Place (Free membership required) has games, activities and a forum. Some PECs downloads.

Mrs. Riley's PageBuilder Just like having Boardmaker on your computer. You can join for free right now. In the future, plans are to charge for the site, but it is currently in limited time public beta phase. Super simple, easy and quick online program to make picture pages, stories, communication boards, etc. Watch the little video, and make your own page in about 2 minutes flat! If you open an account, you can save your stuff, and see boards made by other members.


Math Links-Lots of links to other pages with Math activities. 

Online Activities Tells you which activities are ad free!

Count On-Games, activities, all Math related.

Clock Wise-This is an  online activity for telling time. You can tell it what time to display, or have it quiz you. Levels 1-3 for difficulty.

Crazy Clock

Rainforest Math-Online activities are well organized and easy to navigate.

The US Mint has lots of games and activities for teaching about money. 

E Manipulatives lets you manipulate animals, buttons, coins and bills on a grid. You can set different grid parameters and print the results. The number line features a jumping frog, and the hundreds chart can be colored any way you choose.

Money Factory includes seven activities, including Design your Own Bill and a downloadable Money matching game.

Language Arts

News-2-You is a paid subscription that has been purchased for all SBCSC Life Skills teachers to use in your classroom. If you don't have your password, call 283-2015 to get it.  This is a wonderful tool for all ages and ability levels.

The Literacy Center -Online activities for alphabet recognition, shapes, numbers, beginning words and keyboarding.

Browser Books-This website was created to allow beginning readers to read books on their web browser. Readers can click on the triangle in the lower right-hand corner of each page to turn the pages. If they are unsure of a word, they can click on it to hear a child's voice read the word to them.  There are over 50 books at a first grade level.

Starfallhas tons of online activities to teach phonics and reading skills.

SymbolWorld has a whole website composed of symbols organized into a newspaper, stories and learning activities, like brushing teeth and making a sandwich.

TarHeel Reader is a collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible books on a wide range of topics. Each book can be speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces (i.e. switches, alternative keyboards, touch screens, and dedicated AAC devices). The books may be downloaded as slide shows in PowerPoint, Impress, or Flash format. You may write your own books using pictures from the huge collection at Flickr or pictures you upload.


Your Special Chef"Your Special Chef" is a collection of resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with special needs. Click around the site to find cue-card recipes, lesson plans for life skills teachers, video tips, and more! Check back soon for a personalized recipe creator.

Shopping List-Print out a shopping list, then go to the food pyramid and learn about each section. Lots of fun games and activities. Most require some reading. Try the Make a Shake. Students can make a virtual shake, then print out the recipe with all nutritional information.

Math at the Grocery Store-This site is for teachers-ideas you can use to make your community outing to the grocery store more educational-integrate it into other curriculur areas.

Shopping with DW-Arthur's little sister will tell you what to put in her cart (things with a peel, things with a shell) and then you go look for them in the grocery store. No reading, but sometimes she is difficult to understand.

Picture Symbol Recipes

Mother Hubbard's Recipes includes recipes for every letter of the alphabet. Many include pictures to go along with the activity. 

NonReader Recipes can be downloaded and printed out. The whole recipe is in pictures. 

Family Recipes has lots of good recipes-very creative and colorful.  

Kid's Health in the Classroom-offers free health curriculum materials for all grades and subject areas. Each teacher's guide includes discussion questions, activities, and reproducible handouts and quizzes - all aligned to recently updated national health education standards.

Functional Skills 

PBS Kids has a fun activity on learning to dress correctly for the weather.

Project Runway   Students design their own outfit, including the fabric, pattern and style, and then save it to a gallery. This would be good for talking about how to dress for certain situations.

Scholatic Free Online Interactive Learning has lots of activities arranged by subject and by level.

Build-a-Bear Help the bear get ready for school by taking a bath, brushing teeth, combing and blowdrying hair, and more. You must complete all the grooming activities before he is ready for school.

Muffy's Wardrobe Help Muffy get dressed correctly for a variety of activities.

Charlotte's DressUp Game Good for girls 9-12. You select the style and fabric, then dress Charlotte in your outfit.

Ian's Shoelace Page Who knew there were so many helpful hints to teach tying a shoe? Techniques, pictures, animations and even a nice little video!

Switch Activities

Big Bang Bugs Good for developing mouse skills, or for switch-adapted mouse. Click on the screen to create a new bug, or click an existing bug to make it flip.

Switch Games by Papunet -This site is awesome, with some mouse and some switch activities. You can change many settings, such as difficulty level, response and response times. Excellent! (Online Activities)

Senswitcher-Online switch enabled application which targets ICT skills from purely experiential through cause and effect, switch building, timed activation, targeting and row scanning. (Online Activities)

Music Games  -A collection of early learning musical activities. You can set targets at different levels, to gradually improve an individual's listening skills in a fun way. Use a mouse, keyboard, touch monitor, or IntelliKeys.

Accessible Games -Alien Invasion, Ruby Ridge and Brickout. Designed for children and adults with disabilities, these games can be adjusted for players with a very wide range of abilities.

Switch In Time -Most of these programs were originally developed to meet the needs of specific students and classes and were never meant to be commercial applications. All programs are Mac versions.

Single Switch Games -Some of these are actually pretty complicated, but they are fun, and only use one switch. There are tons of them!

Brillsoft -Lots of single switch activities.  Sorry, Windows only, but you might want to give the link to parents who want to use them at home. 

Little Bits Multimedia -Same as above. Sorry, Windows only. Keyboard pounder is a good single switch activity.

Help Kidz Learn -Cute switch games to play online. Catch the Crocs is cute, Snakes and Ladders, and Shoping Time are also fun.

Maukie the Cat teaches kids how to use the mouse. Moving the mouse makes Maukie follow with his eyes. Click him to make him purr or move his paw.

Spring Flowers  Click the switch or a mouse to make beautiful spring flowers grow! (no sound)

Hiyah The programs are completely free and easily installed / uninstalled.   The Download versions are made to run on Microsoft Windows compatible operating systems. The Play Online version works on Macs or PCs.

Kneebouncers A set of 20 different activities that work well with a switch adapted mouse. Graphics are for younger students.

Priory Woods Videos Revamped Close to 50 different activities that can be downloaded (sorry, Windows only)

Learning Tools (scroll down) Adapted Books and Access Training Activities
for children with disabilities Mouse or Switch training activities. Videos are very appropriate for older students, and can be started/stopped with switch mouse. Must have internet connection.

Scanning (sites may include some cause and effect games as well):