Teacher Picks

Note to teachers

There are so many great websites to use with your students at school, and using the Internet can add a new dimension to learning. Please use these websites with caution, and ALWAYS monitor what your students are doing. Many websites have advertising or sponsor links that kids may click on inadvertently and they can be directed far off their path very quickly. Make sure someone is always watching them.

If you find a website that you would like to use in an educational activity, but find that it is blocked at school, please let me know, and I will ask to have it unblocked for you, or you can ask Mary Chris yourself. Make sure you test your links from a school computer before using with your class. You may be able to access it from home, but it may be blocked from your classroom.

Be sure to check out Paul Hamilton's Blog. He has a Treasure Chest of Free stuff for Teachers, and he updates it regularly with the things he finds. He is a Special Education teacher, and always seems to find something new that will be useful for our kids. Another good teacher's blog is by Larry Ferlazzo. He has a wonderful Teacher Links webite, too.

Many SBCSC schools have a school subscription to EdHelper. Check with your principal or librarian to see if you have one, and they can give you your school's access code.