Seasonal Activities

Martin Luther King Day

Kaboose January 21, 2008 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Learn about Dr. King’s life and legacy, plus games, clip art, coloring pages and more.Kids will love the MLK Day crafts as great classroom and after-school activities.

Teachnology has lesson plans, games, activities and research links for older students. 

Enchanted Learning has lots of  activities and printouts, but requires a subscription of $20/yr.

Elementary Web Tech has about 30 of the best links to sites about Dr. King. 

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Doll Dress up 

DLTK's Valentine's Day Activities-Cards, coloring pages, printables, recipes, poems and activities.

Kid's Turn Central Valentine Activities has puzzles, coupons that kids can create and print out,  games, clip art for teachers and ecards.

Valentine's Day Resources -If the music doesn't drive you nuts, there is lots of information about the background of Valentine's Day. Good site for research.

President's Day

A to Z Teacher's Stuff Games, activities, coloring pages, graphing charts on the ages of the presidents

Happy President's Day  Lots of links for Lincoln and Washington. 


Carve a pumpkin right online, then watch it glow!

CBBC Newsround has a series of very accessible short texts describing Halloween that include images. They give a very good overview.

Watch good, short video clips about its history at the History Channel.

The Hershey’s Corporation has a good animated virtual tour of a haunted house that gives the history of Halloween. There’s audio support for the text, though sometimes they’re not “in sync.”

You can get a good understanding of how different countries recognize and celebrate Halloween at Halloweens Around The World.

5 Minute English has a short reading following by comprehension questions about Halloween history.


MES Games has a good audio review, including a game, of Halloween vocabulary.

The British Council challenges you to find all the items in a Haunted House.

Learn about monsters by reading about another Haunted House.

And, if you haven’t had enough of haunted houses, read another one by the British Council.

EL Civics has a nice overview of Halloween traditions.

ESP Pods has an audio cloze activity about what happens during Halloween.


Choose a monster, use its text-to-speech feature to record a message, and send it to a friend with these two similar Halloween E-Card sites. You can post the link on a website or blog, too.

You can carve a virtual Jack-O-Lantern and send it to a friend or post the link on a website.

Send a talking E-Card from an evil clown — if you dare.


Ghost Motel is a series of “Choose Your Own Adventure” online video games where players role-play a ghost.  They’re great language-development activities, though some of the games have limited content that would not be appropriate for the classroom.  Here are links to the installments that seem okay to me:

Ghost Motel
Ghost Motel 4
Ghost Motel 5
Ghost Motel 7

Many thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for these links!


Santa Claus and Christmas at the North Pole 

For Home Living: The Kitchen has links to literally hundreds of Christmas recipes you can use with your students, all pretty simple, and there are two stories that can be read aloud to your students.

For literacy: Check out the free activities link on the left margin. There are crossword puzzles and word searches for older students, and other online Christmas activities. There is a link to make a personalized story which would be a great literacy activity. It gives you very specific instructions to print out the books back to back, or you can cut and staple, another good activity for your kids. You don’t need to print in color-let your students color their own book. There are also 12 stories to print and color.

Check out the educational Activities Link for a long list of downloadable activities  arranged by category and skill.

Elf Pal Academy has online games, like decorate a Christmas Tree, dress a snowman, and checkers with Santa

Disco dancing Santa is a cute musical activity, and kids can add trees to the background and change the music Santa dances to.