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I am a wife, a mom, a singer, a crafter, a shopaholic, a lover of life. I am bipolar. I am a Christian AND a liberal (The two are NOT mutually exclusive! Jesus was a democrat!) I enjoy the outdoors, but love the luxuries of home. I LOVE pink, shoes, handbags & assorted pretty things.

Lusciousnis? What kind of screen name is that? - No it's not a stripper/porn name. I got the nickname Luscious back in 1997, when I got my hair cut like the lead singer of Luscious Jackson. I have just always used it since. I considered changing it, but it would be too much trouble to change all the sites I frequent. (Plus, I'm blonde, so frankly, I can't remember more than 1 login i.d.)

Nis & computers I'm an old school BBS girl. If you don't know what a BBS is, then you're too lame for me (just kidding, but you'd be a lot cooler if you did!) The internet is cool, but I still miss those golden olden days. I spent plenty of time online. Nowadays I'm back at it on the internet. Social networking has always been my thing.

Random Facts:

* I heart SEC football- our family roots for LSU (my school) and Auburn (my hubby's Alma Mater)

* I'd rather ride places than drive. I never really got the appeal of it, & didn't learn to drive until I had a baby & HAD to.

* Yoga keeps me partially sane.

* I enjoy catching up with old friends. The internet is so cool allowing us to get back in touch with people from our past.

* I almost always have a headache. I'm waiting for the doctors to tell me I have a brain tumor one of these days.

* I grind my teeth at night. It's terrible.

* I hate when people mispronounce my name (Nissa rhymes with Lisa) over and over. Oh, and Frustrate has an R in it!!! I cannot stand to hear 'fustrate' . I detest that.

* I often have blonde moments. If you know me, then you're used to them by now.

* Don't even think about talking to me until I've had my morning coffee.

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