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I shall begin my list with sincere thanks to my four children; Claire, Katherine, Maura and Bill who top the list of those who supported me, unconditionally.  Bill and Maura visited me and learned about the soul of Cape Verde. Katherine and Claire now love the music of Cesaria Evora.

The Bare Cove Gallery girls: Jean Cain, Sue Packer, Yvonne Trilsch, Pauline Sly and Anne Garton.

Longtime friends Ellen and Hank Baer who shipped hundreds of books from the NYPL for the school library in Mindelo.

Dear friends who pushed me continually to finish the manuscript; Claudyne Wilder, Roberta Benjamin, Vita Paladino, Nola Geraigery, Win Hall, Sheryl Bono, Julie Hatfield, Pamela Galgay, Nedda Casei (who sent creative libations), Joan and Sam Scali, Saranell De Chambeau who told me how to start a children’s library, Ellie O’Rourke, Jane Cusack,  Jack Alexander, Jack Anderson, Jack White,  Amy Buckley, Betsy Farley, Penny Fuller, Lynn Pitchford, Helen Rees,  Liane Brandon, Jim and Jill Gabbe who gave me all the information I needed to know about publishing, Mary Ann and Ed Pires, Arthur Hurley (kept my financial status on the up and up), Evalynne and Jack Hajjar, Eunice and Joe Hoover, Sonya Hamlin (my tutor), Tim Hollingworth and Vin O’Neill, Katherine Jolluck, Mary Blumenthal,  John Kramer, Leslie Di Russo, Lee Dunne, Ed Washington. 

 Great thanks to Elizabeth Philipps for her excellent skills who became my final editor; was gentle and firm at the same time.     

 Dr. Walingunda who got me in good health for the odyssey, Dr. Di Maggio who repaired the damages after no dental work for three years,  Carolyn Fuchs, Margie Collins, Terry and Margie Keith, Terry Ann Lunt and Tom  Sellers, Duncan MacDonald, Kandace McKinney. Agostinho Nunes  and David Bair who explained to my children that the Peace Corps process was a life changing event and I would not be the same mom when I came back.

Ruthie Shapiro and Enna Kutz, Nancie and Chris Weir, Michael Wood and Natalie Woodward, Becky and Bill Ezzard, Bernard Borman.

 The Shugrue clan and Steff Berardesca, the Finlayson clan, the Traphagen clan, Peg and Rob. The South Shore tarts; Faith Bowker - Maloney, Lisa Tompson, Carol Swain, Pat Baker, Polly Pyne, Elaine Murphy.  Colby girls: Kim Whitely, Suzanne Vanderveer, Emily Lovering , Elaine Kutrosky, Bibby Deal, Robin McDougal, and former President of Colby Sawyer, Peggy Stock, Aileen Kelly, David Morcom. Clem Brown, Kay and Mary Lennon.  My longtime friend Rya Zobel and Jim Curvey.

Karen Hook who reconstructed my all “in caps” manuscript. Cynthia and Heather Lang who visited me.

Bill Gallagher, Senior, who gave me the courage to leave everything behind and serve.

The people who took care of me in Cape Verde are all in the book but special thanks to Maryann and Pedro Almeida who became my sister and brother. Bernice Powell, at the U.S. Embassy, who attained sisterhood and always had fresh baked peanut butter cookies at the ready when I went to the capital city, Francisco Silva who got me through the P.C. bureaucracy and his wife Kristin. Thanks to all the P.C. V’s who served then and continue to serve!

Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Beverly Brown for her stirring introduction and thanks to Tom McCann , Norman Moyes, Julie Hatfield, and Tad Jankowski who wrote their sensitive endorsements.                  

Thanks to Paulino Beach for coming into my life.

Final thanks to my brother Richard Shugrue, who gave me a compass and was my true north, Vitorino who carried me through all the good times and tough times with his love, Aunt Millie Husted with her constant lecturing on how a lady must behave, Corita Kent who told me to just go and serve, Jay Veevers.  Cesaria Evora, who became a treasured friend, all of whom looked down from their perches up in the clouds and sent me protective prayers.

Am most grateful to my son Bill, who shepherded the manuscript to book despite his mother’s nattering; he did an amazing job.

I thank them one and all.

Diane Shugrue Gallagher, 2012