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 One does not need to get very far into Diane Gallagher's book LURE OF SERVICE to discover that she is a woman who loves life, loves people, loves her country and loves adventures. Also, she has boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm for whatever she is doing. And, she can write! All these things combine to make her new book the best read I have had in a very long time. The story itself and the way she tells it is not only superb reading but it will also be an inspiration to young and old - and all those in between - to do whatever they want to do at whatever point in their life they want to do it.

- Tom McCann, best selling author, playwright, TV producer.


This former actress can keep a room enthralled with her storytelling. Now that she has put her own personal story of difficulty, courage and humor on paper, the reading public will applaud.

 - Julie Hatfield, travel writer


Diane Gallagher's LURE OF SERVICE is a delightful collection of stories that chronicles her quest for service and adventure at a time of her life when most people are thinking about retirement. Each chapter of this collection of anecdotes is like a delicious morsel that begs to be tasted, savored and fully experienced as we follow Diane from her tenuous  first steps of confusion, doubt and insecurity all the way to triumph and self-discovery.

- Tad Jankowski, author,  Senior Vice President and General Counsel for National Amusements.


 Reading her fascinating stories will prove that PCV Diane Gallagher has been a great representative of America. If you need further proof, consider that former President Jimmy Carter recently presented her with the Lillian Carter Award for service to the Peace Corps.

- Dr. Norman B. Moyes, author and Professor Emeritus, Boston University