Lurching Chess

I've been an USCF Master about 38 years, FIDE FM about 27 years, and ICCF IM for a long time (I've forgotten how long on that one). Over many of those years I faithfully played the Bird's Opening and Dutch Defense. In both cases I played what would be called the classical variation. I had GM Nigel Davies review my chess play decades ago, I highly recommend his service, but he did call my play with these opening as "lurching chess".

I experimented with the Balogh Counter Gambit which I have included below, but the French Defense was my main companion answer to 1 e4. After 1 d4 f5, White has several options I find annoying: 2 Bg5, 2 Nc3, and 2 e4. I used 1..e6 as my way to the Dutch since: 2 Bg5 is not valid (drops a piece), and if 2 Nc3 or 2 e4, then 2...d5 backs into the French defense. 

Here are my old analysis files on these openings. One side benefit of being a postal chess player, I've kept detailed records of my old opening analysis. I hope you find this old analysis original and helpful. Enjoy!

Old Analysis Lines:

Please send me your comments, games, or analysis that will help / alter this analysis. If you find a particular game(s) of special interest and I did not give the complete score, I might be willing to send you the rest of the moves. However, I often look for a trade of information in return.

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The below "PDF Files" link is where I am saving PDF's for my Lurching blog.

PDF Files: Analysis and Relevant games.

        From Gambit Declined Summary

        Hayward Bird Summary

        Bird Opening - Classical Variation Summary

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