Mouse Cast

More flexible spell casting using the mouse 

Mouse Cast 1.2

Last updated: 2006-12-16.

Cast spells using the mouse buttons. This mod enables the player to quick select spells that are stored in 39 easily accessible slots and cast them with the left, right, and middle mouse buttons. Intended for efficient spell casting in combat situations. Note: spell scrolls are not supported.

Special thanks to Yates1968 for testing and ideas.


The spell slots are totally configurable and are organized in 3 different levels. On each level, there are 6 pairs of slots, each pair corresponding to the left and right mouse buttons, plus 1 quick-slot for the middle mouse button. You can alternate between the 6 pairs of slots by using the mouse wheel or the back and forward mouse buttons.


  • Enter Mouse Cast mode by holding down the V key.
  • You can swith between the three levels by pressing the keys 1, 2 or 3 while in Mouse Cast Mode.
  • Cast spells with the left and right mouse buttons.
  • Rotate spells with the mouse wheel or the back and forward mouse buttons.
  • Cast the quick-spell of the level by pressing the middle mouse button.
  • You can also customize the Mouse Cast mode key by pressing Enter while in Mouse Cast mode. A message box will appear.


  • Open the magic menu and select a spell. Don't close the magic menu.
  • Proceed like for casting; the selected spell will be stored in the active spell slot instead of being casted.
  • You can switch levels and rotate spells, thus you can configure all the spell slots without having to close the magic menu.

Example setup

  • Level 1: 4 attack + 2 shield regular spells, and a quick-heal.
  • Level 2: summon and weakness regular spells, and a quick-soul-trap.
  • Level 3: unlock, charm, telekinesis, and other non-urgent spells.

Detailed usage example


  • VKEY: the V key
  • LMB: left mouse button
  • MMB: middle mouse button
  • RMB: right mouse button
  • WHEEL: either the mouse wheel or the mouse back/forward buttons

Setting up spells step-by-step 

  1. Open your spell window.
  2. Setup a spell for LMB:
    • Select a spell with your LMB.
    • Hold down VKEY, then press LMB. Release VKEY.
    • A feedback message should appear on top of you screen, specifying which spell slot you have defined.
  3. Setup a spell for RMB:
    • Select another spell with your LMB.
    • Hold down VKEY, then press RMB. Release VKEY.
    • Feedback message again.
  4. Close the spell window.
  5. Cast a spell:
    • Hold down VKEY. You will see the spell you've selected for your LMB for almost a second, then the one you've selected for your RMB will appear for almost half a second. And then back to the first one. It blinks. That's what the "toggle blink" option is for.
    • Keeping VKEY down, press LMB or RMB. This will cast either spell.
  6. Spell-pairs:
    • Still holding VKEY down, either use WHEEL. This selects a different spell-pair for LMB/RMB.
    • Since they are not configured yet, you must repeat steps 1 to 4 above, chosing whatever other spells you wish. Note that you can use the VKEY+WHEEL combination to swith spell-pairs while the spell window is displayed. There are 6 such pairs.
  7. You should also assign a spell to your MMB, which I refer to as the quick-spell. It is going to be the same spell, no matter what is the active spell-pair. I find it useful to store a Healing spell in there. You don't have to roll through all the spells to reach that essential one.
  8. This was for level 1. You can acess different levels by holding down VKEY and pressing 1, 2, or 3. Repeat the setup procedure for up to three levels, and cast up to 39 spells with your mouse.

Other options

The following options are available from the configuration menu, accessed via the Configure Mouse Cast lesser power or using the combination VKEY + Enter:

  • Enable/Disable.  Enable or disable Mouse Cast. You can also use the console to change the MouseCastEnabled variable: Set MouseCastEnabled to 1 or Set MouseCastEnabled to 0.
  • Toggle blink. When on, the selected spell icon (at the bottom of the screen) alternates between the two spells of the selected pair. When off, it shows only the left spell. Default: on.
  • Toggle scroll through pairs. When on, scrolling shows both the left and the right spells from every pair. When off, it shows only the left spell. Default: off.
  • Toggle restore spell on exit. Choose whether the spell that was active before entering Mouse Cast mode should be restored when exiting Mouse Cast mode.
  • Customize controls. Change the Mouse Cast mode key, mouse buttons order, or reset all controls.
  • Mouse wheel inertia. The greater the number, the more you have to spin the mouse wheel in order to scroll by one spell. Default: 1 (means two wheel ticks for one spell). Can be reset to 0.
  • Use mouse wheel. Setting this to off allows the vanity camera to be zoomed in and out while in Mouse Cast mode. Default: on.
  • Lock Mouse Cast mode. Useful if you use magic more often than weapons. Default: off. 

In the magic menu, you can also:

  • Display a spell slot reminder by double-tapping VKEY.
  • Clear a slot by double-tapping and holding VKEY, then pressing the desired mouse button.


Upgrading instructions

From 1.0 to 1.1 

If you're upgrading from version 1.0 to version 1.1, you can either follow the universal procedure below, which will reset all your settings, or simply reset your controls by typing in the console:

Set MouseCastQuest.bDoResetControls to 1

Universal upgrading procedure 

If you're upgrading from a previous beta version, you'll have to reset the Mouse Cast mod by following this procedure:

  • Deactivate the Mouse Cast mod esp, then start Oblivion.
  • Load your last saved game. Save a new game. Quit Oblivion.
  • Reactivate the Mouse Cast mod, then start Oblivion.
  • Load the game then reconfigure your spells.


  • Yates1968 from the Elder Scrolls Forum. Beta-testing, bug reporting and nice improvement suggestions.
  • Ian Patterson and Stephen Abel. The Oblivion Script Extender is a great modder resource.


  • 2006-09-15. Release 1.0. 
  • 2006-09-23. Release 1.1.
    • New Configure Mouse Cast lesser power.
    • New Enable/Disable option (can also be toggled in the console via the new global variable MouseCastEnabled).
    • New Reset all controls option.
    • New Restore spell on exit option.
    • Customizable Left/Right/Middle mouse buttons order.
    • New slot reminder in the magic menu (double tap VKEY).
    • Slots are clearable in the magic menu (double tap and hold VKEY, then press mouse button).
  • 2006-12-16. Release 1.2.
    • New Use wheel option.
    • New Lock Mouse Cast mode option.
    • Note: you might have to reset the mod, so don't upgrade unless you need these new features. 

Known problems 

Windows 2000 users should set: bBackground Keyboard = 1 and bBackground Mouse = 1 in their oblivion.ini file.


Download Mouse Cast.